Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TSA on the Job: Systems Integration Communications Liaison

Stephanie Naar Systems Integration Communications Liaison

You may not know this, but near the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is the Transportation Security Administration Systems Integration Facility. This facility is an impressive testing facility dedicated to the testing and evaluation of TSA security screening equipment and processes. 

Formerly a TSA officer at the airport, I am now the program specialist and event coordinator at the facility, I am responsible for coordinating and conducting specialized tours of the facility and providing demonstrations of emerging technology to employees and staff as well as our aviation industry partners. 

 It’s very important that our many audiences understand not only what technologies TSA is developing, but understanding the process of how a piece of security screening equipment moves from development to being deployed at nearly 440 airports. Whether it’s a new employee taking a tour, or a vendor looking to partner with us, or a government official seeking a better understanding of how screening equipment works, I strive to provide a customized and informative summary of what the many engineers and scientists who work in this facility do. 

One of the more unique and very fulfilling aspects of my job is that I often get to work with foreign dignitaries and aviation partners including delegations from the Netherlands, Israel, China, Thailand, Brazil, Aruba, and Canada. 

It’s interactions like these that have increased my appreciation of the importance of partnerships inside and outside the aviation industry. I may not be on the front line as a security officer anymore, but my role here is instrumental in getting the tools of tomorrow into our airports today. 

Guest Blogger Stephanie Naar 
Systems Integration Communications Liaison 
TSA Systems Integration Facility


Doober said...

OK, Ms. Naar, if you're testing TSA screening equipment can you tell us why whole body scanners alarm falsely on the crotch area of passengers so often?

Laura Monteros said...

I'm enjoying these articles and videos about the people at the TSA. I'm glad to see the blog turn from being an apologist for the TSA to informative pieces.

RB said...

TSA Event Coordinator. Another TSA employee who's position does not improve security and is a waste of tax dollars. GAO should investigate TSA's make work jobs and wasteful use of citizens tax dollars.

sandiifeet said...

I would like to see IATA involved as a partner with TSA to improve ways to screen passengers and baggage to protect and serve our country and commerce. They work with some of the airlines as well as international peoples and would have some great ideas to improve our overall system and efficiency of protecting our airways.

Joan Eisenstodt said...

Ah, if this is going on and if I understand it, please work w/ LAS and their first class and pre-check lines. Now, their readers cannot scan the badges of wheelchair pushers - you know those people contracted by airlines to push PWDs through. And DCA -- too .. where the chair pushers automatically begin to take pre-check pax to the reg lines and you have to INSIST that you are pre-check and want to go through that line. In some cases, the chair can go through but not all. It's ridiculous. Know your job must not be easy. Traveling is a pain in the tush for those of us who require a wheelchair and airport assistance. Thanks.