Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Cornucopia of TSA Travel Tips

Memorial Day has come and gone, and no matter what the almanac says, it’s officially summertime to many eager travelers. With so many gearing up for summer travel, we figured it would be helpful to list all of our weekly travel tip posts on one page for your convenience. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, be sure to visit our traveler information section at If you have specific question that you can’t find the answer to, please reach out to our contact center.

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Susan Richart said...

TSA misses AK-47 clips:

"A TSA spokesman told MailOnline today that the empty magazines were in checked luggage and although the clips are illegal, the agency's role is not to find such items. The TSA is focused on finding any item which would cause 'catastrophic damage' to a plane."

Not according to this blog.

screen shot/DHS OIG statement

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, a cornucopia. How poetic! How exciting!

Jones54 said...

I must say I was a bit surprised that I could not carry on a Vitamix type blender in it's original box/packaging on a flight this past weekend. Is it really a security risk that I could possibly take everything out of the box while in flight and somehow disassemble the blender to use 1 1/2 inch blender blades against the flight crew?

Anonymous said...

Why is pre-check not the standard level of screening for ALL passengers, not just the wealthy/elite/lucky few?

How many false alarms resulting in needless pat-downs did your slow, invasive, and useless naked body scanners have last week?

Anonymous said...

I continue to wait for some justification for active duty military being included in pre-check, but not retired military or holders of current DoD or LE background investigations. military retirees have at least 20 years documented service to this Nation, pretty much proving their lack of risk. both DoD and LE background investigations should reveal any risk factors. active duty military do not, necessarily, have a background check or any significant length of service. neither citizenship nor a background investigation is required to enlist in the military, in fact there are likely illegal immigrants serving. if it is really about safety, then why are potentially unscreened non-citizens allowed through? sounds like it is just pandering to an admirable group to get PR, not adjusting the rules to ease screening on those who present a lower likelihood of threat.
Let me be clear: pre-911 screening should be the norm. it is all that is required, now that cockpit doors have been reinforced and locked, and flight crews and passengers know that the rules have changed and passivity=death. however, if we are going to continue this massive waste of tax dollars on security theatre, at least have _some_ of the rules make sense.

RB said...

"TSAPre ✓™ Lanes Open to U.S. Armed Forces as well as DoD and Coast Guard Civilians:

I am a Retired U.S. Armed Forces member. My ID card is still issued my the military. Why am I not automatically eligible for TSA Pre Check?

The better question is why is TSA discriminating against retired military?

Anonymous said...

All of the major insulin pump manufacturers still say not to go through the body scanners while wearing the pump. I'm not risking my life sustaining device because the TSA says it is safe.

I understand that means I will get a full body patdown including an explosive residue swabbing. What I don't get is how the TSA can continue to use the flawed explosive residue test that has never caught anyone with a bomb. Instead it false alarms on common household items such as soap and lotion. The false alarm on that test will lead to a private room groping that is even more degrading. I don't see why that second patdown can't be done in public other that it embarrasses the screener involved and looks bad to the public.

RB said...

Hey Bobby, Carney is out at the White House. They need a need disinformation person.

Anonymous said...

please comment on how many prohibited items including guns are being found by "low risk" precheck people.

Susan Richart said...

"I don't see why that second patdown can't be done in public other that it embarrasses the screener involved and looks bad to the public."


Such a search in a private room also is in violation of administrative search parameters which call for such searches to be done in public:

"Moreover, the possibility for abuse is minimized by the public nature of the search. Unlike searches conducted on dark and lonely streets at night where often the officer and the subject are the only witnesses, these searches are made under supervision and not far from the scrutiny of the traveling public."
See United States v. Skipwith, 482 F.2d 1272, 1275
(5th Cir. 1973)."

screen shot/DHS OIG statement

Susan Richart said...

Continuing with comments on the reason for the private room search:

"The agent felt bad for the Charlie Foxtrot and basically said that the reason for the private room is they don't want to be seen 'groping' people. So I don't see how there could be any legal rationale for them forcing you to go into a private room, simply because they are embarrassed by their job. "

screen shot/DHS OIG statement

Nick O said...

Travel Tips?! You post a bunch of links, some of them two years old, and call that a blotter post? Did you forget you have a Search widget on the right side of your blog.

Lazy, lazy, lazy blotter post. Can't believe my tax dollars pay for this tripe.

Anonymous said...

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Model Rumah Minimalis said...

by the way How many false alarms resulting in needless pat-downs did your slow, invasive, and useless naked body scanners have last week?

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