Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TSA Travel Tips Tuesday: Tips for Military Travelers

U.S. Armed Forces Logos.

Here are a few helpful hints to help members of our armed forces achieve a trouble-free travel experience at the airport.

Packing Tips for Military Personnel

  • If you’re checking a duffle bag, put all of your clothing and lighter items at the bottom of the bag, and place your boots, helmet, books, and other larger more dense items at the top. This makes it easier for us to neatly repack your bag if we have to search it.
  • If you wish to lock your checked baggage, use a TSA-recognized lock, otherwise the lock could be cut.
  • If you or your unit is traveling with weapons, please go here for more information.
  • If it looks like a bomb, grenade, land mine, etc., don’t pack it. Even if it’s not the real deal, it will slow the screening process to a grinding halt while we’re figuring that out.

Military Family Member Gate Passes - Family members who want to accompany a military service member being deployed to the boarding gate or greet them returning from deployment at the arrival gate may receive passes to enter the secure area of the airport. Interested military family members should contact their air carrier representative at the departure/arrival airport for proper local procedures. Remember, the family members will have to be screened through the TSA checkpoint just as if they were flying.

Assistance for America's Veterans: Disabled, Injured and Wounded Warriors - TSA wants to facilitate the screening of injured and wounded service members and veterans including individuals associated with a Wounded Warrior program. Once flight arrangements are made with the airline, the injured service member or veteran, family member, or other representative can contact the TSA Cares helpline with details of the itinerary. 

  • Toll-free telephone number 1-855-787-2227 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Eastern time) and weekends and holidays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern time)
  • E-mail TSA-ContactCenter@dhs.gov

TSA Pre™ for Active Duty Military - As part of our intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to security, TSA now offers TSA Pre™ expedited screening benefits to active duty service members at select airports. Click here for more info.

Bonus Factoid Nugget - Did you know that 25 percent of TSA employees are prior military? Some are even still serving in the reserves and guard. We have the greatest respect for our men and women serving in the military and strive to screen them with the dignity they deserve.

Come back next Tuesday for more travel tips!

Bob Burns 
TSA Blog Team 

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