Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TSA Travel Tips Tuesday – Can You Fly Without an ID?


Did the gnome that steals your socks and car keys run off with your ID? Did your license expire and you don’t have time to renew it before you travel? Did you lose your wallet? Did you simply forget your ID at home? While it is much easier to go through screening with the proper identification, you’re not going to cause a snafu if you don’t have it.

If you’re 17 or younger, no problem… you don’t need ID to travel. If you’re 18 or older, no worries… you can still travel.

How so? Simply approach the travel document checker and let them know that you don’t have your ID. At this point, you will be asked a simple randomly computer generated question such as: “What is the average annual rainfall in the Amazon basin?”

Seriously though… You’ll be able to fly as long as you provide us with some information that will help us determine you are who you say you are.

If you’re willing to provide some additional information, we have other means of substantiating your identity, such as using publicly available databases. If we can confirm your identity, you’ll be cleared to go through security, and you may or may not have to go through some additional screening.

If we can’t confirm your identity with the information you provide or you’re not willing to provide us with the information to help us make a determination, you may not be able to fly. Regardless, if you do not have ID, please allow extra time for check in. We would not want you to miss you flight.

You can find a list of acceptable IDs here. 

Every Tuesday, I plan to share tips for convenient travel and other useful customer information on my blog. If you have your own tips to add, please feel free to leave a comment! See you next Tuesday! 

Bob Burns  
TSA Blog Team 

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