Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TSA Pre✓™ is a Risk Based Recipe for Success

TSA Pre✓™ logo.
I recently read an article at Huffington Post titled: Is The TSA's Pre Check Program A Recipe For Disaster? The easy answer to this question is no, but that wouldn’t make much of a blog post, now would it?

TSA Pre✓™ enables us to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach to transportation security. It improves security by using intelligence and information volunteered by passengers to help us make informed decisions about the level of threat. You can read more about TSA Pre✓™ by clicking here, but I’d like to help clarify a few things I read in the article. TSA Pre✓™  improves the customer experience by expediting the screening process and allowing travelers to keep 3-1-1 and laptops in their bag. Shoes and outwear too can stay on.

On Mistakenly Being Screened Through TSA Pre: If you’re randomly chosen to be screened through a TSA Pre✓™ lane, it’s not a mistake. Not all TSA Pre✓™ members are affiliated with Global Entry, SENTRI or NEXUS. Many were selected by participating airlines based upon TSA established criteria and opted-in through the airline’s system at no charge. There are many ways to opt-in to TSA Pre✓™. Sometimes the opt-in is as simple as clicking “yes” on a pop-up box when you sign into your mileage account. The airlines have included several different methods (mail, e-mail, pop-up boxes when you login, account profile update alerts) to opt-in.

On Having to Pay to Join TSA Pre™: You don’t have to pay to join TSA Pre✓™. That’s right, while paying to join Global Entry, SENTRI or NEXUS is an option, many members have been selected by airlines and at no charge.

On Identity Fraud Concerns: No security plan is without some level of risk. You’ll never hear us say that security is 100% effective. There are just too many variables involved. Administrator Pistole said it best in a recent letter to the editor: “TSA has created a layered security approach so that all passengers who go through checkpoints, including those in the TSA “PreCheck” program, are subject to multiple security measures including behavior detection, screening and canine assessment that secure travelers and our nation’s aviation system.”

So, rather than thinking TSA Pre✓™ is a recipe for disaster, I hope you now understand that it’s more of a recipe for success.

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