Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Than 1 Million Passengers Screened by TSA Pre✓™

TSA Pre✓™ logo.
There was no confetti or sirens, but the one millionth passenger was screened by TSA Pre✓™  today. Not only are the TSA Pre✓™ participants growing in number, but the locations are also growing. United Airlines, Jet Blue and US Airways as well as some additional airport locations around the nation will begin operations this year.

Currently, TSA Pre✓™ is operating with American Airlines at airports in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, New York (JFK), Minneapolis and Los Angeles, with Delta Air Lines at airports in Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York (LGA), Orlando, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Washington, DC and Alaska Airlines in Seattle.

In case you’re wondering what TSA Pre✓™ is, you can go here to read all about it. Long story short, it’s an initiative that allows passengers to expedite their screening experience if they opt in. How do you opt in to TSA Pre✓™? Funny you should ask… Just go here.

TSA Pre✓™ is only one of our risk based security initiatives. Be sure to read about our other initiatives:
Keep an eye on our TSA Pre✓™ page for future announcements.

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