Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good Catch! - Explosives Discovered in Carry-on bag at Philadelphia International Airport

While searching a bag this morning at Philadelphia International Airport, our Officers discovered some suspicious items that were spotted on the X-ray monitor during screening. Using the better safe than sorry philosophy, the D-E checkpoint was closed since the incident involved possible explosives. 

Passengers were moved to a safe distance while the Philadelphia Police Department Bomb Squad safely removed the items, which included a water bottle wrapped in black electrical tape and filled with flash powder, and three M-80 fireworks. We were unable to share the photograph due to an ongoing investigation, but hope to be able to share it in the future. 

The passenger was arrested and is currently in the custody of Philadelphia Police. 

If you read our TSA Week in Review blog posts, you know that our Officers routinely find dangerous and odd items, and this discovery is another great example of our Officers remaining alert and preventing a very dangerous item from being taken aboard the plane.  

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