Monday, March 19, 2012

Video of Child Being Screened in Wheelchair

Over the weekend, a video filmed in spring of 2010 started making its way around the web and has since become viral. The child had a cast and was in a wheelchair, and as a result, alternate procedures needed to be used.

TSA has modified our screening to a risk-based approach, including modifying our screening for passengers 12 and under to reduce the amount of pat-downs that children receive. That said, certain medical conditions and other circumstances may require alternative measures to be implemented from time to time.

The recently initiated TSA Cares Helpline now serves as an additional, dedicated resource for passengers with disabilities, medical conditions or other circumstances or their loved ones who want to prepare for the screening process prior to flying.

To date, more than 3,200 people have been assisted after calling the TSA Cares Helpline. 

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