Thursday, February 23, 2012

It’s Always one Thing or an Otter: Baby Otters Screened at Newark

Otters are used to frolicking around in the water and snacking on invertebrates and such, but when it comes to airline security, it’s safe to say that’s one area otters aren’t used to. Anyhoo, these furry little Asian River Otter pups and their significant “otters” were quickly screened and on their way in no time.

While many otters are content with being in jug bands,  these particular otters reside at the Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona and were on their way back from the David Letterman show. One of the feisty little dudes mistook Jack Hanna’s thumb for a chicken foot and took a bite out of it. If you haven’t seen it, you really “otter” check it out.

If you plan on traveling with your own romp of otters, or any other type of pet, service animal, or what have you, be sure to let us know you’re coming if you’re not familiar with the process or if you’d just like to give us a heads up. For example, we knew the otters were coming, and we were able to move the handlers ahead of the very busy line at the checkpoint and then relocate everybody to one of our offices to screen the otters in a much calmer environment. It was “otterly” seamless.

I imagine that living the life of an otter would be fantastic, but hey… aren’t things always greener on the “otter” side? If we ever see these pups again, you best believe we’ll be the first to say “Welcome Back Otter.”

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