Friday, September 7, 2012

TSA Pre✓™ Begins at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

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As of this week, TSA Pre✓™ is now available at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) for select American, Delta, United, and US Airways frequent flyers, or members of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Trusted Traveler Program. The TSA Pre✓™  line is located at the main terminal. 

I stopped by the TSA Pre✓™ lane at CVG yesterday and asked a passenger what he thought of the TSA Pre✓™ experience. Hear what he had to say! After chatting with a few of the Officers, I learned that passengers have been very pleased with their TSA Pre✓™ experience.

Have you already opted into TSA Pre✓™ but rarely get selected for expedited screening? Here are some possible reasons why as well as some tips:
  • First off, to keep things random and unpredictable for anyone with bad intentions, there are times where you may not be selected for expedited screening. 
  • TSA Pre✓™ is currently only available for U.S. citizens traveling domestically on a participating airline, out of a participating airport. Click here for the most updated list.
  • If you are a member of a CBP Trusted Traveler program, be sure you’re including your PASS ID – found in the top-left corner on the back of your membership card – in the ‘Known Traveler’ field every time you book a flight. If you’re not sure it’s in there, especially if you’re not booking it yourself, you can always call your airline to confirm that your number is on the reservation before you fly. 
In case you're wondering what TSA Pre✓™ is, you can go here to read all about it. Long story short, it's an initiative that allows passengers to keep their shoes and belts on, and keep their laptops in their bags. Also, it is free to many members who have been opted in by participating airlines. To see if you may qualify for TSA Pre✓™ benefits please click here.

If you have a travel related issue or question that needs an immediate answer, you can contact us by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Why do we still have to remove our shoes in this country? All over the world, people are able to leave their shoes on, yet no planes fall from the sky. Obviously their security is just as safe as ours, so why are we still removing our shoes? The shoe bomber's flight originated from Paris and not the US.

Anonymous said...

Does A Global Entry Card = Trusted Traveler
If Not
Why Not

Anonymous said...

And, as always, why is this not the default level of screening for all passengers, instead of a capriciously administrated perk for the privileged elite?

Cre8veheart said...

Checking drinks in boarding lines after security check must mean the tsa cannot even secure the airport vendors. I don't notice tsa checking baggage handlers loading bags into planes belly.
We are nearly strip searched, xrayed and now its not working? I am wondering how many of us slipped through the initial check with terror equipment?
Can you please address your own airport vendor security policies and why there appears to be a security breach between passing security and boarding the plane?
Also give a few examples of how post security checks made us safer and why the enclosed post security boarding gate areas and vendor establishments are not secure . Seems to me that securing your own work environment would be rather key to effectively releasing screened passengers into or else the entire , invasive and degrading experience of being screened would be a total waste of time. A bit like letting freshly bathed toddlers out in a muddy yard after you took effort to clean them up for bed

Anonymous said... are correct in your assessment, there are hundreds of airport employees who do not get screened and have access to the aircraft. TSA has operating procedures which by the way, many employees will be fired for because they can not pass their test however un-screened employees roaming around through and near the aircraft that TSA is supposed deem as safe..TSA agents testing liquids in the "sterile area" ridiculous...when TSa turns over checked Baggage items to un-screened baggage handlers.. anything can be placed into someone bags.......and who gets blames... TSA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"[T]sa cannot even secure..." Even children can easily figure out ways to bypass security. Just look at the open airports throughout the US. A child crawled into an unguarded airliner's wheelwell a few years ago. People crowded into confined areas awaiting screening. The maintenance of aircraft is done overseas often in countries known to be dangerous.

I don't think flying is any safer than it was on 9/11/2001.

And TSA threatens to take the silliness to the worlds of automobiles and trains.

I'm reminded of a child's "tea party" where the child and adults sit down and pretend to drink tea.

And the taxpayers pay for this.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the shoe bomber's flight originated in Paris...if we follow your argument only Paris passengers need to have their shoes screened then??? Really. Terrorists will board any plane, anywhere, anytime. They can be of any age, race, religion, sex, color, etc. When are you people going to realize the terrorists organizations are growing not getting smaller?

You said "obviously other countries have just as good security as the U.S." WRONG!! Look back at all the hijackings in the world and see what airports they left from and you will see the U.S. has much better security procedures than they do. So maybe you would like to share with us why you REALLY dont want to take off your shoes....GO TSA!!! Keep up the great work!!!

RB said...

"When are you people going to realize the terrorists organizations are growing not getting smaller?"

Don't think you can substantiate this claim.

Prove it!

RB said...

The drink testing TSA is doing past security tells us one thing, TSA has failed to create a sterile area.

TSA lets airport worers waltz right past security areas without any screening, vendors and their material are not screened, cargo goes unscreened even after that function was mandated by Congress.

No, the only thing TSA does well is to assault and abuse people who travel.

TSA: America's Al-Qaeda

Anonymous said...

Everyone should keep their shoes on.

Anonymous said...

"So maybe you would like to share with us why you REALLY dont want to take off your shoes...."

It makes no one safer, it's a waste of time, it's unhygenic, and no other country in the world requires it -- right, Curtis?

Wintermute said...

Anonymous said...

"So maybe you would like to share with us why you REALLY dont want to take off your shoes...."

Just to be clear, you're calling everyone who wants to keep their shoes on a terrorist?! That makes updating the no-fly list easy. They just need to ask about why a passenger wants to sign up for Pre, and if they mention the shoe carnival, boom! Instantly on the no-fly list. After all, why else would they want to keep their shoes on?

Anonymous said...

"...Terrorists will board any plane, anywhere, anytime."


And patently false.

A terrorist who has decided to actually terrorize with an airplane will do anything they can to get an airplane.

Otherwise the terrorists could care less about the aircraft and maybe, just maybe, they need to fly from here to there to do whatever terrorism they plan on doing.

And if there are so many terrorists trying to get on so many airplanes why has the TSA not caught one yet?

Anonymous said...

You wrote: "And if there are so many terrorists trying to get on so many airplanes why has the TSA not caught one yet?"

You gotta love this comment! Wow... In case you don't understand how law enforcement works let me help you to understand. TSA's responsibility is to stop items that could be potentially dangerous from getting on a plane. Every one of the thousands of prohibited items confiscated every day has stopped a potential terrorist. The simple fact is you will never know exactly who was intending to use the item as a terrorist and who was a passenger who made an honest mistake. TSA is not responsible for arresting potential terrorists that is left up to Customs and Border Protection and ICE. Both of which are part of the Department of Homeland Security as is TSA.

Go TSA!! Keep up your excellent work!!

Wintermute said...

Anonymous said...

"In case you don't understand how law enforcement works let me help you to understand."

So, let me explain to YOU how this works. TSA stops potential terrorist. LEO is called in to make arrest on actual terrorism charges, as TSA is not law enforcement. TSA crows endlessly that it stopped a terrorist. Lack of crowing == lack of terrorists caught. You really think TSA would stay quiet if it stopped an actual threat when they crow endlessly about 8oz bottles of vodka?

Adrian said...

Can you cite any studies that demonstrate any sort of correlation between information PreCheck collects and the risk of a person having terrorist intentions?

Everything I ever read about the de-funded Total Information Awareness program (later called Terrorist Information Awareness) said that no good correlations were ever found. That's not surprising. Since there are very, very few terrorists. Statistically, it would be extremely difficult to find any sort of correlation.

What information could PreCheck candidates possibly reveal about themselves that would demonstrate that they are less risk than the non-PreCheck passenger?

With all the talk about risk-based approaches, I'd like to see some evidence that there's actually some risk-based analysis going on.