Monday, January 23, 2012

Passengers who Refuse Screening are Denied Access to the Secure Area

Earlier today, Senator Rand Paul raised some questions about the screening process after going through one of TSA’s millimeter wave body scanners that use automated target recognition (ATR) technology. The ATR software displays the same generic image for all passengers to further protect passenger's privacy.

The benefit of automated target recognition is that when a passenger alarms, the officer can look at the generic image to see where the alarm is and then do a targeted pat down to clear the area. For example, if the alarm shows that something might be in your cargo pocket, the officer will pat down the area around your pocket to determine what caused the alarm. 

When a passenger or bag alarms in screening technology at a TSA checkpoint, the alarm has to be resolved before the passenger can enter the secure area past the checkpoint. Passengers who refuse to complete the screening process can’t be granted access to the secure area. TSA notifies law enforcement when this happens, and law enforcement officers can escort them out of the checkpoint. This isn’t done to punish the passenger– it’s done to ensure that every person who gets on a plane is screened appropriately. 

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Sheri S.-Florida said...

Here is my personal problem. It seems as though this new technology considers me (my body type) abnormal. I am a frequent traveler and EVERY TIME I have to pass through a security checkpoint that has this AIT, I'm subjected to a pat-down. Any other airport, where the old technology is used, I breeze right through. I am personally thoroughly disgusted with strangers touching my arms, legs buttock and hip/groin area, but I have no choice. I've complained repeatedly for over 6 weeks now, and all I've gotten from TSA is a form reply that basically tells me if I want to travel this is what I have to go through.

RB said...

It's the 8th of February and still no response from TSA about their illegal treatment of a United States Senator.

You can try hiding TSA but the problem will still be there in the morning.

RB said...

Here we are February 9th and still silence from the public servants at TSA who refuse to address the illegal actions of TSA employees who detained a sitting United States Senator on the way to Washington to cast his vote that afternoon in Senate Chambers.

Why is it that TSA continues these Civil Rights violations without corrective action being taken or TSA employees not receiving discipline for illegal acts?

Are these the people we want in our airports?

I suggest not, we need employees who are not federal employees and who can be held accountable for their actions since TSA seems reluctant to do so for its employees.

RB said...

Already well into the 12th day of February and still no response from TSA on how TSA employees can violate the United States Constitution by detaining a United States Senator on his way to Senate Chambers to cast his vote.

Come on TSA, if this act was rightful then why no response?

I'm sure TSA has nothing to hide!

Anonymous said...

rb said:
"I suggest not, we need employees who are not federal employees and who can be held accountable for their actions since TSA seems reluctant to do so for its employees."

yes lets go to a private company who will keep the same procedures, yes tsa will still regulate and determine procedures, and then a private company can do what the tsa is doing without a place where rb can come on here and complain. cant wait!

Anonymous said...

To fight terrorism, the federal government should consider pre-emptive CIA strikes against terrorist groups at their source instead.

RB said...

Is now February 17th with another week gone by and TSA still refuses to tell us where TSA was gifted with a Constitutional Waiver allowing the detention of United States Senators.

TSA if what you did was proper then why not just tell us that?

............Note that this post is in full compliance with the Stated TSA Posting Guidlines ( even though they are illegal)...........

RB said...

It's late on the 24th of February and still TSA has refused to address just where TSA obtained the authority to interfere with a sitting Senators official travel in order to vote on Senate legislation.

I have to wonder if TSA even recognizes the Constitution of the United States of America?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the statement "This isn’t done to punish the passenger– it’s done to ensure that every person who gets on a plane is screened appropriately." After going through the security checkpoint (Midway in Chicago)they randomly selected my wife to stand in a glass box while everyone else looked at her, without any explanation. When another agent finally arrived, she said my wife would have to go with her but would not say where. My wife was so upset she nearly passed out.

She had already been through the regular checkpoint, so the exercise only scared, embarrassed, and punished her.

Anonymous said...

But, TSA does not resolve an alarm, they only pat you down. I have a shoulder implant that sets it off. So, complete pat down each time. But that does not prove my shoulder set it off, it only proves I am not wearing a gun, and it ignores the AK47 I have secreted up my butt.

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