Thursday, December 1, 2011

There’s An App For That? Stun Gun Disguised As Smart Phone At LAX

Stun GunTransportation Security Officers at LAX were “stunned” when they discovered a smart phone. Not just any smart phone… It was a cute little pink smartphone that gave a whole new meaning to “bad connection.” It was a stun gun.

Law enforcement authorities responded to the incident and allowed the passenger to continue on her flight, after surrendering the item to TSA.

Our officers see countless smart phones every day, but this one was literally meant to “connect" with someone. It’s just an example of what we know all too well. Everyday common household items aren’t always what they appear to be. It may seem mundane at times, but this is why we take a closer look at everything that’s going on the plane.

It’s important for passengers to check their bags prior to traveling. Even if a passenger has no ill intent, an item such as this one could result in a civil penalty or even an arrest. And we really don’t wish that on anybody. So let’s keep your record clean and our checkpoint lines short. Leave this stuff at home.

Great job LAX!

TSA Blog Team 

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