Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TSA Pre✓™ Pilot Expanding To Three More Airports

TSA Precheck Logo. *** Update 12/6/2011 - Just announced! United Airlines will be the third airline participating in the program in the near future. ***

Today, TSA Administrator John S. Pistole announced that three airports will be added to the TSA Pre✓™ pilot. This limited pilot will help TSA evaluate measures designed to enhance security by placing more focus on pre-screening individuals prior to flying in order to expedite their travel experience.

Those airports are: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX),  Las Vegas - McCarran International Airport (LAS), and Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP).
· LAS will come on board in December for pilot participants traveling on both Delta and American Airlines
· LAX will also come on board in early 2012 for pilot participants traveling on American Airlines
· MSP will come on board in early 2012 for pilot participants traveling on Delta Air Lines
This will be very welcome news not only to travelers at these airports, but to the many TSA Pre✓™ fans and supporters we’ve gained through the pilot programs at ATL, DFW, DTW, and MIA. 

The support for the program has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve received over 600 comments so far with 99% of the comments being supportive of this pilot. Here are just a few of the many:
“Holy Cow! I have signed up for the pilot program, as I travel every week and am blown away by the speed of the expedited lane! No shoe removal, no liquid removal, no computer removal, no one in line! For those few who were in line, we were laughing and so happy to have such a smooth process! Thank you!”
“The test process for Premium passengers is outstanding. The service, professionalism and communication could not have been better. I only hope the results have been as favorable as mine and the test expands. Thank you for its implementation.”
“What a joy pre-check was today. I travel frequently and at times wish a bathrobe would be offered to passengers at the door. I not only did NOT have to remove either shoes nor laptop, The pre-check reduces stress not only on passengers but your TSA employees as well. Smiles abounded. Thank you.”
In case you’re curious, you can read more here on  how to sign up to participate in TSA Pre✓™. Click here to learn more about TSA Pre™.
For those who will participate in the initial pilot, it is important to note that nothing will ever guarantee that an eligible passenger receives expedited security screening. We have built random and unpredictable factors throughout the aviation security system to guard against terrorists gaming the system and this program is no exception. 

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