Thursday, September 15, 2011

LAX TSA Officers Go Fishing?

(Image Not of Passenger’s Luggage) laszlo-photo
Our baggage officers at LAX must have been using the Fishin’ Magician yesterday.  They observed a fishy image after an explosives detection system  alarmed. After going into the luggage, they found live fish swimming around in a bag. You might say they were “packed like sardines.” 

Here is the kicker: The passenger didn’t have a little baggie with a goldfish in it, they had 4 large hard-sided suitcases each filled with only fish and water. In all, there were nearly 240 fish of all types and sizes.

The passenger bought the fish at a local pet store and was taking them home. The airline would not allow him to transport the fish via checked luggage, but they did allow him to ship them properly via cargo. One might say the passenger was “schooled”  on how to properly fly with fish. I’m guessing things went swimmingly for the fish from that point forward?  If you’re traveling with any type of live critter, (other than your kids) be sure to contact your airline to see what their policies are. 

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