Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Catch! Sword Canes to Reptiles…

Sword Cane Found at ROC
Sword Cane Found at ROC
No, this post isn’t about what we’ve caught with the “Fishin’ Magician,” it’s about the  "Good Catch" page over at TSA.gov!  Since March of this year, we’ve been posting some interesting catches and I wanted to share them with our blog readers. There are currently nine “Good Catch” articles available for your reading pleasure ranging from a sword cane to artfully concealed reptiles.  Be sure to check them out and visit frequently for updates! 

Speaking of good catches, did you know that our officers have found 725 firearms in carry-on luggage since January of 2011? And it’s still only September! Most people say they simply forgot the gun was in their bag, but I remember a few years ago at CVG when a passenger went as far as to blame his mother for putting the loaded pistol in his backpack.  Stay classy…

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