Saturday, July 16, 2011

C4 Explosive Found In Passenger’s Checked Luggage

ETD Machine
ETD Machine
A passenger flying out of Yuma International Airport was arrested after a Transportation Security Officer (TSO) searched his bag in response to an Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) test that came back positive. One-half ounce of C4 explosive was found in his checked bag, concealed in a tobacco can. 

ETD machines can detect the smallest amounts of explosives and have been in use since TSA rolled out in 2002. They are used in checkpoint, checked baggage, and cargo environments. We swab things such as laptops, shoes, film, cell phones, bags, wheelchairs, hands, casts, etc. Basically, our officers run the white swab over an area  to collect a trace sample. They then place the swab in the ETD machinery which analyzes the sample for extremely small traces of explosives. The test takes a matter of seconds.

Great job TSA Yuma!

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