Friday, July 8, 2011

Screening Procedures for Hair

We’ve received questions this week about TSA’s screening procedures for hair after news reports today on this topic. As we’ve said many times before, TSA does not profile. It just doesn’t make good security sense. 

In this case, it was reported in the news that a passenger went through imaging technology and additional screening was necessary to resolve an anomaly. As is the case with all imaging technology screening, the officer viewing the image is in a separate location and cannot see the passenger being screened when determining whether he or she needs a pat-down. For example, in this image you can see for yourself there is no way to profile based on a person’s appearance. TSA has zero tolerance for profiling.

Anybody who travels through our checkpoints may undergo additional screening if necessary to resolve alarms or anomalies. This could include additional screening of clothing, headwear or hair. These are all places where dangerous items can be hidden and our policies are in place to keep the traveling public safe.

You can read more about our pat-downs here.

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