Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on TSA Contractor Screening Program

You may recall a recent post where I wrote about the TSA contract screener program. I posted because many were under the wrong impression that screening from contractors is or would be different than federal screening. The post explained how airports that opt out of TSA screening are still regulated by TSA.  In a nutshell, the screening is the same.

The program has reappeared in the news again as Administrator Pistole has decided not to expand it beyond the current 16 airports. TSA is still accepting applications, but unless a clear and substantial advantage to do so emerges in the future, the requests will not be approved. The 16 airports that are currently using contractor screening will continue to operate under TSA regulation just as they have been. Those airports are:

Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (STS); Dawson Community Airport (GDV); Frank Wiley Field (MLS); Greater Rochester International (ROC); Havre City County Airport (HVR); Jackson Hole (JAC); Joe Foss Field (FSD); Kansas City International (MCI); Key West International Airport (EYW); L.M. Clayton Airport (OLF); Lewistown Municipal Airport (LWT); Roswell International Air Center (ROW); San Francisco International (SFO); Sidney Richland Regional (SDY); Tupelo Regional (TUP); Wokal Field (GGW)

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