Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TSA General Aviation Poster Encourages Vigilance

Photagrapher Taking Picture of Aircraft
Photo Courtesy of Stevec77 @ Flickr
TSA’s twitter feed was abuzz today with tweets about an article concerning a General Aviation (GA) poster aimed at encouraging the GA community to be vigilant. The poster in question is one of several posters used as part of general aviation vigilance that was launched several years ago, but this one struck a nerve with photographers because it shows a person with their lens steadied towards a GA aircraft.

Some felt this poster didn’t go far enough in distinguishing between general photography and suspicious surveillance activity. These images are simply meant to represent a number of different scenarios that are common in and around GA airfields. In fact, many photographers would be prime candidates to use such vigilance programs to report suspicious activity since they’re extremely observant of their surroundings. TSA works closely with members of the GA community to implement security protocols and programs to ensure the safety of the industry.

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