Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guns are No Fun at the Checkpoint


From time to time, things show up at airports that cause us to scratch our heads, especially almost nine years after 9/11.

On average, our officers find about two guns a day at checkpoints. Yesterday must not have been an average day, because 10 guns were found in various checkpoints around the country, well above the norm.
When one of our officers tells a passenger that they’ve found a firearm in their bag, the most common response is that the person had no idea it was in there. One man even threw his wife under the bus and claimed she must have left it in there when she was packing his bag.

So we thought we’d take the opportunity to remind anyone who owns a gun that might be traveling soon to double check your carry-on bag just to make sure it’s not in there before you leave.

And in case you’re wondering, the “I didn’t know it was in the bag” excuse works just about as well at the checkpoint as “The dog ate my homework” worked with your high school teacher.

Whether or not the gun was put in the bag intentionally, TSOs are required to contact law enforcement immediately. In addition to potentially missing their flight, passengers could have their gun confiscated and/or face criminal charges. A fine from TSA is also possible.

For more information on transporting firearms on planes, this web page can help you out.

TSA Blog Team