Thursday, July 1, 2010

TSA Administrator John S. Pistole Is On the Job: See Something, Say Something Launch

TSA Administrator John S. Pistole Being Sworn In
Last week, former Deputy FBI Director John S. Pistole was confirmed unanimously by the Senate as TSA's new Administrator. Today is an exciting day for TSA as it marks Administrator Pistole's first official day on the job.

As part of his first day, Pistole was ceremonially sworn in by Secretary Napolitano at New York City's Penn Station where he joined her in a "See Something, Say Something" campaign kick-off event. He'll be riding the rails with the Secretary as a part of a whistle stop train tour through New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC for the launch of the public awareness campaign that encourages passengers to report suspicious activity.

See something say something poster.The program is being launched in partnership with Amtrak just months after two alert street vendors reported smoke coming from a car in Times Square. They saw something, said something, and helped thwart a terrorist attack. This just proves what we've known all along. The public plays a very critical role in keeping our nation safe.

We look forward to hosting Administrator Pistole on the TSA blog in the future. Until then, please take the time to read his bio.

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