Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Popsicle Makers and Potato Peelers

TSA advisement. I was just as confused as other folks when I saw reports going around about a sign at Aspen’s airport stating that Popsicle makers such as this one, and potato peelers were not allowed. The sign didn’t look like something TSA would print and distribute so I looked into it a little further.

The sign was actually made by an airline and was displayed at their ticket counter. Apparently there was a wine festival in town where Popsicle makers and potato peelers were popular items that people were packing in their carry-on luggage.

Your standard run of the mill Popsicle makers are OK, but the ones from the festival were filled with a solution that’s sealed inside their bases. Apparently, it enables rapid, uniform freezing. Hi-tech Popsicle science! Gotta love it… This is another one of those cases that makes me long for the day that the liquid algorithm is ready to go for our X-rays so we can allow liquids and end 3-1-1 as we know it.

Now as far as the potato peelers go, that one is a mystery. They’re permitted as long as they look something like this, and not like this.

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