Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CBS News Poll: 4 in 5 Support Full-Body Airport Scanners

You’ve heard TSA say how most passengers support the use of our Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT).  Well, this time you don’t have to hear it from us. You can read a recent public poll that was conducted by CBS News where 4 in 5 polled support TSA’s use of AIT.

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Kevin in Texas said...

I am offended that a government entity, using my tax dollars, twists news this way.

1) You don't cite a representative variety of polls - only the one that you like
2) The CBS poll is flawed. It didn't poll travelers it polled everyone. That's like polling us in Texas about our attitudes toward glacier melt. You may be able to manipulate perceptions but you are NOT being truthful.
3) The CBS poll also shows that in 1/2010, the majority of people supported racial profiling. While I personally don't support profiling that focuses only on race, it's very interesting that TSA picks and chooses.

This is not honest

KMG said...

I love to support processes that work efficiently and effectively. I've watched for years for any sign that TSA is either.

Effectiveness - TSA finally came out a couple of days ago saying that they found 130 banned items in the last several years with the body scanners. They wouldn't even give us the list, just some examples. A ceramic knife and a syringe of heroin. These aren't threats to aviation!!! So as to effectiveness, TSA, as far as I'm concerned has accomplished very, very little that is relevant to their mission. No terrorists, no saved planes. The old screening process was just as effective.

Efficiency - TSA publishes zero performance statistics. What is cost per screening? Average cycle time? Coverage ratio compared to passenger volumes? Number of complaints, investigations and number of screener terminations?

Most importantly to the current flap, I haven't seen a business case showing that this makes sense. What is the cost in terms of machines, man power, lost airline revenue, overall damage to the economy and overall damage to image of America. And what is the benefit that we expect. Not the benefit that we HOPE for, but what is the reasonable expectation that these processes will keep people safe. I noted that former TSA leader could not assure that this tech would have detected the underwear bomber.

Anonymous said...

This would be funny if it weren't scary. TSA is using the CBS poll to justify their policy.

They don't mention that the same poll supports profiling. How very selective.

The second question is "Is Ethnic Profiling at Airports Justified?". In 1/2010, the result was 51% to 38% in favor.

Now I don't support profiling which uses ethnicity as the sole variable. But I absolutely support profiling which includes all variables that have a high predictive ability to identify the target. Race may or not be one of the factors. But it would be ineffective to make it the only factor.

My larger question is that if the TSA does what CBS polling supports, then where is the profiling?

Anonymous said...

The wording of those poll questions was clearly designed to get the answers someone wanted.

For a more honest result, the questions should have been more like the following:

Should airports require every passenger to go through an x-ray machine or be physically searched?

Is it acceptable for airport security to assess the potential threat posed by a passenger using a profile that includes nationality, age, gender, type of ticket purchased, and other factors?

Anonymous said...

Who did you poll, TSA workers? You are so far out to friggin' lunch!

tramky said...

We now know about the MANY instances of drug couriers smuggling heroin, cocaine & who knows what else into the U.S. on commercial airliners by stuffing packets of the stuff into their rectums, vaginas & stomachs. This goes back MANY years, and there are numerous Federal court cases involving the 4th Amendment and the extensive search procedures that were used to find that contraband: full strip searches, body cavity searches of the rectum & vagina, x-rays of the abdomen to look for abnormal objects in the alimentary canal, even mandatory major surgery to remove packets from the stomach & intestines.

THIS is the real threat Pistole & Napolitano refuse to tell us about. They claim to be protecting us from terrorist threats, but that is not the case because they have NO plan, no procedure, no search protocol for chemicals being carried onto passenger planes in the rectums & vagiinas of passengers, and there is NOTHING about the current security search protocols that will discover them. Nothing.

What say you, Bob?

Ben said...

The 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is not up to majority rule or change without the direct action of congress ... The TSA is a non-elected entity that has to obide by the laws of the land. Any retaliation to comments left in this blog would prove this entity went rouge. America is over if due process is not used when such a violation of human rights takes place!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that 4 in 5 people can support killing me, that doesn't mean it's okay to do.

Anonymous said...

Once again, it must be pointed out that the poll was not given to the flying public, but to the general public, most of whom don't fly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that 4 in 5 people can support killing me, that doesn't mean it's okay to do.


If your that worried, please stay and enjoy your Nanny Sate.

Monte said...

So, the 80% of Americans who never fly think your abuse of the 20% who do is just fine...

Anonymous said...

How can we, as Americans, accept this?

I don't understand.

If people in our country will put up with this by our government, I cannot imagine what we won't put up with.


Anonymous said...

Propaganda! Don't believe a word of it!

Humbled Man said...

I had to walk through one of these on my last trip. I really don't mind this method of screening vs. the traditional metal detector as long as it doesn't inconvenience me more. I had to remove my belt and everything from both pockets before walking into the scanner - which to me is yet another inconvenience I don't need. When can we go back to not removing shoes and taking out laptops to just normal xray everything and xray me too - quickly.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you poll the number of people that go through the process, since 60% of Americans rarely fly.

You better hire more people, because I am opting out every time I go through the security theater. And I fly 50+ times a year.

Anonymous said...

CBS did not poll me. My family is traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday. If we hadn't bought our tickets in July, we would not be flying now. I don't think we will fly anywhere else until this policy changes. Our freedoms are being taken away for the sake of "protection".

Anonymous said...

The poll clearly states they asked 1,137 people their opinion. 1,137! I can easily find 1,137 people that RARELY visit an airport and RARELY fly that would say they support the porno machines. Try polling 20,000 people immediately upon getting through the checkpoint at a major airport and compare your poll results.

TSA's security theatre needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Please count me as one of the five who want to fight terrorism but feel that the new TSA methods cross the line of decency.

Anonymous said...

i didn't vote in that poll.

it's disgusting.

Jim Huggins said...

Hey, Zogby has a poll out showing that 3 in 5 oppose full-body airport scanners. Care to comment?

Anonymous said...

and apparently, so do you.

Anonymous said...

If a TSA worker comes to my dental office can I make him take off his shoes, empty his pockets? I think he won't get a lead apron for his x-rays and I'll use the same gloves on him that I used on someone else.

When TSA workers start coming down with leukemia from the scanners don't be surprised.

concerned citizen said...

The funny thing about that poll is that while 80% of the people that took part in the poll said they support it, 83% of the people that participated in the ONLINE poll thought the new measures were ineffective and a violation of civil liberties.


But I guess you wouldn't want to go and create a new blog page for that information, now would you?

As the TSA, how do you respond to that online poll that shows the exact opposite of what you claim?

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone suprised that a majority of the country would rather be submitted to the scanner or pat-downs then face another 9/11? Are people seriously so vain that they would rather risk their lives and the lives of others because the procedure makes them "uncomfortable?" Seriously?! THEN DON'T FLY! Flying is a privilege NOT A RIGHT! The Government is not impeding our rights in this situation, they are regulating for security, which is what the S in TSA stands for.

I wouldn't care if 1 percent of the American population agreed with it. Thankfully, I don't base desicions off of what other Americans think. I base my decisions off of logic, past experience, and personal belief. Therefore, I decide saftey is much more important then comfort. If you don't like the new saftey measures get over it, move to another country, or don't fly.

Thank you TSA! Please don't let the complaining make you stop. If it wasn't this they'd find something else. It is a good thing that every American should appreciate!

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