Thursday, September 10, 2009

TSA Blog: 1,000,000 Hits!

I just wanted to make a quick mention that as I checked the hit-o-meter (delete-o-meter's arch-nemesis) this morning I was surprised to see that the TSA Blog had passed its one millionth hit. Some folks were sure we wouldn’t last more than a month after the launch, but one and a half years and a million hits later, we’re still kicking. One million hits! That’s almost as cool as Jerry Reed costarring on Scooby Doo. Almost…

We launched the blog in January of 2008 and have since published 188 posts (this is 189) discussing everything from exploding chickens to the most recent post on the screening of powders.

The blog has been a great way for us to explain the why’s of security while also addressing current TSA related events and busting myths. Make sure you check out our archives for a complete chronological list of our posts.

Thanks to all of our readers for helping us reach this milestone and we look forward to the two millionth hit!

Blogger Bob

TSA Blog Team