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Got Feedback: Happy Birthday! (Commenting Disabled)

Got Feedback was launched on August 1st, 2008, and since its launch, thousands of people have used the program to communicate kudos, complaints, questions, ideas and suggestions to TSA at the airport level via e-mail and telephonically.

In case you haven’t heard of Got Feedback, you've probably gathered by now that it’s a communications initiative that facilitates two-way communication between passengers and TSA.

Passengers find out about Got Feedback through stickers located at our checkpoints as well as the links on our blog and web page. After arriving at the Got Feedback page, you simply go to the map, click on the state you traveled through, and select the airport you want to contact from the drop down box.

After selecting your airport, you simply fill out the form and submit it which sends it to the Customer Support Manager (CSM) for that airport.

You can also check out the blog post from last year for a more detailed explanation.

Many passengers are hesitant or just in too much of a hurry to talk to our supervisors at checkpoints, and the Got Feedback program seems to be just what they need to communicate with TSA.

We asked our CSMs to do their best to reply in 24 hours or less. We understand that doesn’t happen sometimes due to scheduled days off and workloads, but it’s still a pretty rapid response. In some cases, CSMs have responded to passengers in as little as 5 minutes.

When should you use Got Feedback? Well, anytime you have a question that involves the security portion of your travel at a specific airport. You can use it for kudos, complaints, suggestions, questions, and so forth.

When should you not use Got Feedback? Hmmm... You shouldn't use it for dining recommendations unless you want to be directed to a food court. You shouldn't use it if you're lonely and just want to talk about your garden and your crazy neighbors. Basically, Got Feedback is not a travel agent, and it's not a chat line. It's a human connection at the airport who will contact you via phone or e-mail to help handle your conundrum. Brilliant!

Here is how a few our CSMs feel about the Got Feedback program.

  • “Passengers appreciate the feedback immensely and the timeliness of the program. I WISH EVERY PASSENGER WOULD USE GOT FEEDBACK!” ~ Lara PIT
  • “Got Feedback is one of many conduits TSA has for gathering feedback from our customers. I’m continually amazed at how people can say TSA isn’t listening…We are!” Lynda SAT
  • “Got Feedback is an excellent way to stay in contact with the traveling public. I have received great feedback both positive as well as… let’s say constructive. I think it gives travelers a safe and convenient avenue to let us know how we are doing.” Kevin LIT

Here is an assortment of some responses from passengers after they were contacted by a CSM:
  • Thank you very much for your comprehensive explanation and suggestions to my email. And, thank you for your very quick turnaround.
  • Thanks for the response - that, in and of itself, is really enough for me!
  • Your response and the kindness of the US Air ticket agent in retrieving my bag is proof that there is still kindness in this crazy world. Thanks!
  • You totally amaze me! Such a detailed and concerned reply within an hour of writing is a credit to you and TSA.
  • Thank you for the email follow-up (which I was not actually expecting).
  • Thank you very much for your very prompt and efficient response to my inquiry. Even though you didn't find the item my wife lost, you did everything possible to help in locating our lost piece of jewelry. Having served as a Homeland Security Officer myself since the inception of the department, it pleased me greatly to see someone with such ethical conduct and efficient customer service protecting our nation and serving our citizens. Your treatment and legitimate concern to my issue was outstanding, and you are a pleasure to deal with.
  • Thank you for your quick response and appreciate all that your agency is doing. PS - but does this mean that when I travel thru MGM next month I will be now on the terrorist list and find myself in a spread eagle stance before I can board! Again all kidding aside - thank you and TSA is doing a great job!
In an effort to try not to appear that I'm sugar coating everything, I'll note that everybody is not always happy with the response they get, but one thing is consistent, they are almost always happy they at least got a response. Almost...

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