Friday, July 31, 2009

The Quadrennial Homeland Security Review and You

So what is the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR) and why should you care? To be brief, the QHSR is a congressionally mandated review of the nation’s homeland security policies and priorities that will guide homeland security for the next four years. Some of the discussion will be web-based and we invite you to participate.

This is a major collaborative effort involving a huge host of stakeholders.

Internal agencies and external partners including federal agencies, state, local and tribal governments, first responders, business leaders, academics, policy experts and the concerned public will be engaged. That’s where you come in! This is another way your voice can be heard and you can help shape the department’s policies and priorities over the next four years.

There will be three web based dialogues involving the following topics between August and October of 2009:

  • Counterterrorism and Domestic Security Management

  • Securing Our Borders

  • Smart and Tough Enforcement of Immigration Laws

  • Preparing for, Responding to, and Recovering from Disasters

  • Homeland Security National Risk Assessment

  • Homeland Security Planning and Capabilities

  • For all you need to know about the QHSR including a video message from Secretary Napolitano, you can go to the QHSR Homeland Security Dialogue page.

    You can also follow QHSR on Twitter: @qhsrdialogue
    Mark your calendars for

  • August 3rd–9th

  • August 31st–September 6th

  • September 28th–October 4th

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