Friday, July 24, 2009

TSA Wants You! Send Us Your Top 5 Questions

We want you! That’s right, we want your input. I know, I know, there are thousands of comments within this blog overflowing with input you’ve given us, and I have already sent in my top 5 based on feedback I've read from the blog.

What do we want? TSA wants to better communicate the “Why’s” behind security to the traveling public, and to do so, we need your expertise. We want you to send us the top 5 questions you have about TSA’s security procedures. What “Why” questions would you like to see addressed?

Your responses will be reviewed and the most common questions will help us generate signage and other materials that address the concerns that flying public has.

This is a huge collaborative project that not only includes you, but the TSA workforce as well. The results should be interesting.

Please provide responses by 5 p.m. EDT Monday, July 27, 2009 to This is not a blog project, I'm just providing a virtual megaphone, so please make sure to submit your feedback to the provided e-mail address. By all means, you can post your top 5 here, but make sure you send them to


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TSA Blog Podcast Interview With Airplane Geeks

I joined Max Flight, Dan and Rob from Airplane Geeks for a podcast interview about the TSA Blog.

Also, spread around the podcast like mustard on a fine bologna sandwich, you’ll find another interview, good music, and some aviation related news.

By all means, listen to the entire entertaining podcast, but my interview starts at 34:25 and 1:21:10 where I am quite deservedly blown up.

Listen to Episode 57 of the Airplane Geeks Podcast by clicking here.

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