Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can I Take My Fireworks on a Plane?

It’s almost the 4th of July! Certain things come to mind on the 4th. American flags, green lawns, BBQ, the smell of lighter fluid burning on charcoal, cold beverages, hot dogs, hamburgers, pies, and fireworks.

Fireworks... symbolic of our fight for independence from Great Britain, they are the one constant major staple in every town across America on the 4th of July. Some states allow fireworks, others don’t. Some enforce the ban, others are lenient. There is one constant though...

Fireworks are never allowed on a plane.

You can’t check them in your baggage and you can’t put them in a carry-on. Every year though, people all over the country try to fly with fireworks.

For all of you history buffs out there, here is a timeline of Independence Day milestones over the years:

1777 – Thirteen shots were fired, toasts were made and parades marched in Philadelphia.

1938 – Congress makes Independence Day a paid holiday for federal employees.

1978 –Young Blogger Bob burns his thumb while lighting a bottle rocket.

2009 –A traveler’s holiday is ruined because they packed fireworks in their luggage and end up missing the only flight to their destination.

Have a great holiday and stay away from the kid on your block that likes to point roman candles at people and pets. Don’t be the guy at 15 seconds into this ATF video, and beware of the sparkler or you could end up like this little girl.

Q: Can I take my fireworks on a plane?

A: No.

Blogger Bob

TSA Blog Team