Friday, May 22, 2009

Millimeter Wave Whole Body Imager Photos

It’s tinfoil hat time. I’ll give you a couple of seconds to don your protective headwear and then I’ll begin.

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OK. Let’s go… It’s been brought to our attention that the photos we provide of the millimeter wave (MMW) whole body imager (WBI) are different than the ones that CNN used in their article earlier this week. Yes, you are correct. They are different. One photo is a stock image given to us by the vendor and the other is a screen shot taken from a CNN video. Two different photos of two different people…

-Here is what 60 minutes saw, filmed and aired last December. Notice the part at 00:53 where Leslie Stahl says “To be frank, I thought I was going to see something almost pornographic and it’s not.” The video clip also shows the actual image on the screen as the officer sees.
Here is what CNN filmed.
-Here is what Salt Lake’s KSL TV filmed.
Here are the stock photos that TSA uses on its web and blog pages.
Here are the front and back images that CNN used in this week’s article.

Also, there is scuttlebutt that TSA is trying to be hush-hush about this technology. In addition to the links I provided above, here are all of the places we have talked about Whole Body Imaging here on the blog:

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You asked for it...You got it, Millimeter Wave images.
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-CNN Article: Airport security bares all, or does it?
-Will Children be Screened by Whole Body Imagers?

There you have it. (Remove hats now) Have a great holiday weekend.

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