Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will Children be Screened by Whole Body Imagers?

This question keeps popping up on our blog as well as other forums around the internet. Will children be screened by Whole Body Imagers (WBI)?

Yes and no.

Anybody can opt out of WBI screening. Adults, children, Klingons, etc… If you opt out of WBI screening, you will receive a patdown search in lieu of the WBI screening.

Children are allowed to be screened by the WBI if they’re able to stand motionless with their arms outstretched and feet shoulder width apart for 5 seconds. (If your child is like my 4 year old, they can’t stand still for a single second unless they’re watching that yellow sponge guy who shares my name)

Things to remember:

- Children do not have to be screened by the WBI. (Anybody can opt out)
- Parents carrying infants or children will not be screened by the WBI.
- Parents accompanying children may opt out of WBI screening to prevent separation of family.
- WBI screening is still in the pilot phase and has not been deployed at all checkpoints.
- Did I mention you can opt out?


EoS Blog Team