Friday, January 9, 2009

Comment Policy Refresher

Over time, we’ve seen some complaints about censorship and deleted comments. The most common comments to be deleted are spam, comments containing curse words, posts with no substance, (i.e. you suck) double comments and comments containing large URLs. We just wanted to talk about the comment policy and help people understand where we’re coming from.

1) It’s fine to be critical of the TSA on the blog. We never expected our blog to be a haven for our fans to wave their big foam hand that reads “TSA is #1.” It’s obvious if you read all of the previous comments on our blog that we’re not shy of criticism. In fact, we may appear to be masochistic at times. However, that criticism should be respectful. To maintain a civil discourse on the blog, we just can’t post overly disrespectful comments or name calling of any kind. (crybaby, idiot, rent-a-cop, moron, etc.) We get sarcasm, and it’s still OK to be snarky, of course.
2) I use some very colorful language when I’m away from family and work, so I’m not offended by vulgarity. However, many people are. Also, this is a government blog, and while we do our best to let our hair down and not be your typical source of government information, we simply can’t allow vulgar language. What isn’t vulgar to you is vulgar to somebody else. So no matter how minor or common the curse word, we won’t publish your comment if it contains any vulgar language. It pains us to do this sometimes. I’ve had to reject some really good comments due to minor curse words. Even if you abbreviate, or use the typical %*$&#*$%(%($*# in place of the actual word, folks still know what you meant and we won’t post it. I’m sure everybody can show their passion for a topic without being a potty mouth. So, consider your rejected post to be a virtual bar of soap that we washed your mouth out with.

3) Spam… Admittedly, we have missed a few here and there, but we do our best to keep the blog spam-free.

4) It is not mandatory, but several of us on our own time, after work or on weekends, have moderated the blog. Please don’t expect this to happen all the time. There will be times when your comment may not be approved until the next business day if it’s posted after hours or on a weekend.

5) For the benefit of robust discussion, we ask that comments remain "on-topic." This means that comments will be posted only as it relates to the topic that is being discussed within the blog post. I am lenient on this due to the way the blog is set up, but if you feel the need to post repetitive comments that have already been posted elsewhere, they will be rejected.

6) When linking to another blog or webpage, make sure there is no offensive content on that page. Also, long URLs knock our format out of whack, so we have to reject comments containing long URLs. There are a couple of fixes for this. Go to It is a free service that will convert your long URLs into a much shorter URL. Also, you can go here to learn how to hyperlink.

7) We do appreciate everyone’s participation on the blog and we do value your comments, good and bad. I just wanted you to better understand the methods of our madness and moderation.


EoS Blog Team