Friday, October 16, 2009

Response to "TSA Agents Took My Son"

A blog post has been circulating today from a woman who wrote a very emotional story about being separated from her child while traveling through a TSA check point. Two things went through my mind after reading her post.

  1. As a father of two small children, I empathized with her about the alleged circumstances.
  2. As a TSA employee and former TSO, I felt it could not be true -- especially since our policy is that TSA will not ask parents to do anything that would distance them from their children during the screening process.
TSA works daily to achieve the balance of effective security and passenger convenience. We diligently review claims of improper conduct. But when inaccurate passenger accounts are made either via media outlets or on the blogs, TSA works to resolve them and present both sides of the story. In this case, TSA has made the decision to post the CCTV video of the incident online to allow for transparency.

After watching the video footage, you'll see the video clearly shows that this individual was never separated from her baby by TSA. You'll also see that a lot of the other claims are also unfounded.

Blogger Bob
TSA Blog Team

***Update - 10/18/09 - 7:00 PM***

On Friday, TSA posted the video footage pertaining to the portion of the process where the individual said that TSA removed her child from her presence. There are 9 camera angles of the incident which were placed into sequence to show the time frame in question. For full transparency, TSA is posting the entirety of the footage from each camera of the entire time the passenger was within camera range at the checkpoint.

Part 1 - Entering Checkpoint

Part 2 - Loading Items on X-ray

Part 3 - Waiting to be Screened (Different Angle)

Part 4 - Waiting to be Screened

Part 5 - Walking to Screening Area

Part 6 - Security Screening

Part 7 - Security Screening (Different Angle)

Part 8 - Exiting Checkpoint

Part 9 - Exiting Checkpoint (Different Angle)

Also, TSA's Atlanta Federal Security Director and the TSA blog team reached out to the individual on behalf of TSA on more than one occasion regarding the incident and have not heard back.

The individual has also acknowledged on her blog that this is her in our CCTV footage.

Thanks ~ Blogger Bob


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Linden said...

I love love love that you posted the processed video and the full clips. Way to take control of your public image and call this woman out for her lies. I know how fanciful our "memories" can get, especially when tainted by emotions ("I'M GOING TO MISS MY PLANE!" is a very strong emotion), and this little sequence (her blog, your response, her apology) just shows that we all deserve the chance to defend ourselves, individual and corporation (or government agency).

Rizzo said...

I am really glad you guys posted this stuff....

Anonymous said...

Well well I have watched this video several times. A couple things i would like to point out is. There was lots of emotion noticed. I did notice the guard did pick the child of the mothers lap as she put her hands to the side. Then put child back down. Another thing when the mother was being checked over. What bothered me was the child was left by himself in a stroller. i heard 3 feet away it looks more to me. also the curtain or whatever it was looked to me to be blocking some view from the mother. she had to have her back to the child at one point because you can see her fingertips upward. THERE WAS NOT ONE STAFF that i saw tend to this child as the procedure was going on.someone should have been watching this child. Also there was no need for this mother to wave and wave for procedure to begin. I GREATLY UNDERSTAND FOR SAFTY BUT when it involves children and little children who get afraid real easy. 8 or 9 minutes is too long. We live in a world where kidnappings happen in a split second. I would bet all mothers panic when there control is taken away from them when it comes to their children even if it is a few minutes. just a diferent slant to the story.

Tamera said...

Clark said: "And what keeps the TSA from dressing someone up like this person and using that video to further their propaganda? This is coming from an organization with limitless resources that has been proven to lie and deceive in the past."

I picture Clark wearing a tin foil hat and drinking kool-aid! Seriously, what?

The lady Nic lied. Plain and simple. She then "apologized" by saying she's a dramatic writer. It's not the first time a blogger dramatizes events to get more readers. Too bad she wasn't counting on TSA releasing the videos...otherwise her story would have gone on believed and unchecked, no matter how many TSA employees would have come forward and discredited her story.

I travel a lot, both internationally and domestic, with children and without. I have never had a problem anywhere. Thanks TSA for your work and efforts :)

I agree with Travis: "I'm quite sick of the attitude people seem to have these days that it's okay to mouth off or even assault peace officers and security guards the moment they inconvenience you. When an official tells you to do something that's not a violation of your civil rights, you do it. They are doing their job to keep the rest of us safe."

Anonymous said...

TSA should sue for defamation of character..... can they do that? if yes they should!

Gene said...

Just the fact that it took 15 minutes to search the woman is unacceptable. As a law enforcement Office I know when you enter a court house and you set off the detector it takes about thirty seconds for a deputy to wand you. Granted this is a little more invasive and takes a little longer but neverless it should not take as long as it did. Its quite obvious that the TSA agent in the video is incompetent and doing everything she could to slow the process. I go through Hartsfield often and for the most part I have found TSA to be inattentive, too busy talking to each other and otherwise preoccupied to do the job properly.

Rhonda said...

I have been through this airport SEVERAL times and have never been treated with anything but courtesy and professionalism. I tend to get confused when traveling by myself and have been thankful at the patience the TSA Atlanta agents have shown me. NEVER once have I had anyone speak to me rudely--even when having to repeat requests and instructions. These agents are wonderful to deal with. I'm sad this woman had to try to smear them for her personal gain. It sounds like she needs a hobby. Or a therapist.

Anonymous said...

RB- I dont get what you're trying to ask. Are you asking at what size the image of the person inside the WBI machine is projected as? Or are you asking how big the signage at the airports are going to be?

I would imagine(and this is probably why they(BB) dont bother responding to you) that the image that the TSO would see is the size of the monitor of which they are viewing. 17inch, 18inch, 22inch widescreen... i dont know.

I dont get why that question is so important to you...

BJShredder said...

Someone wrote about "The Webs We Weave ..." That person was spot on.

Sure, "Nic" was caught out in the video, but she was also caught in the lie that states "this isn't about money", as her own Twitter posts have surfaced where she, in effect, says "Show me the money."

I invite all to look at the the amount of space on her website that is dedicated to revenue generating ads. It's two of the three columns ... though not 67% (because the columns aren't the same width) it's frankly the most I've seen on ANY page in recent memory.

Or better yet, take my word for it and DON'T look at her website, for this is TOTALLY a money grab. "Nic" is prostituting whatever name she has for ad-revenue, and has the help of people that are entranced by conspiracy theories.

So God Bless America, because it's been that way for ages, and we show no intention of changing.

"A 'person' is smart. 'People' are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."

RB said...

Anonymous said...
RB- I dont get what you're trying to ask. Are you asking at what size the image of the person inside the WBI machine is projected as? Or are you asking how big the signage at the airports are going to be?

I would imagine(and this is probably why they(BB) dont bother responding to you) that the image that the TSO would see is the size of the monitor of which they are viewing. 17inch, 18inch, 22inch widescreen... i dont know.

I dont get why that question is so important to you...

October 29, 2009 8:39 PM

What I'm asking for is a long and complex story.

The complete story goes back several months ago to a post made by Blogger Nico where he stated in so many words that the WBI images were tame enough for young children to view yet when challenged to have himself and his family scanned and have those images posted on the blog he flatly refused. Since that day Blogger Bob and crew have been fighting a battle about this very subject.

TSA maintains that the WBI images are non-revealing. I question this as do many others.

An indications that this information is not true is the signage at airports is very small and hard to see and the lack of TSA properly obtaining consent from travelers to be screened by WBI. In fact if a person refuses to be screened by WBI they are treated to the most invasive pat down that TSA is authorized to use and is expressly prohibited from using unless all other methods to clear an alarm has been exhausted. Does this sound like an agency that is not trying to hide something?

Several images that TSA claims are actual WBI images have been posted here and on other sites including CNN.

The question that has never been responded to is simple.

Are the images that TSA has posted the same size and resolution as those viewed by a WBI operator?

We know the images are not the same size since the images that have been posted here are very small.

That leads directly to questions on the resolution since we know the size is not accurate.

All anyone has asked TSA to do to resolve this issue is to make available "real images" in the exact size and resolution that an operator sees.

That's it, nothing more.

A link to the images could be made available and then the public could decide for themselves if they think screening in this manner is acceptable.

TSA has claimed that WBI screening is purely voluntary. But refuse and get the "Enhanced Pat Down" which will get a TSA employee in very close proximity to a persons genitals.

This methods is clearly being used as a means of retaliation for those who are not comfortable with having their naked body viewed by some person hiding away (supposedly) in some secret location. We have no idea who, of what gender, or what is being done with the images after being subjected to a virtual STRIP SEARCH.

And have no doubt, the WBI is clearly a form of STRIP SEARCH.

More troubling is that TSA insist on using the WBI on children and teens. I find this extremely problematic.

Yet TSA continues forcing this on the public even while the House of Representatives has passed a bill restricting the use of WBI to secondary screening only. This bill has not been acted on by the Senate but TSA in all its wisdom has only sped up deployment of these invasive machines and actually have agreed to purchase many more.

All I am others who are asking for is the ability to determine if what we have been told is true and to see for ourselves what is being revealed by the WBI machines.

The question clearly remains, why is TSA hiding this information from the public?

I think the answer is very clear, TSA is afraid that if the public sees what is really being done that an uproar will ensue.

If I am wrong then the solution is easily available to TSA, yet they have failed to take advantage of providing the truth to the public for many months.

So ask yourself this, What is TSA hiding?

Sorry this was so long, but I honestly tried to answer your question.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon,

RB is playing to the audience. I read this blog all the time and I think the TSA has answered the WBI image resolution question a bunch of times. They've posted images that pretty much don't leave anything to the imagination. I don't think that the TSA denies that the WBI images are pretty clear. They also say, though, that to protect our 'modesty' they make sure that the officer who has to view the images doesn't ever see the traveler 'in the flesh' so to speak and vice versa. I don't think that Nico 'flatly refused' anything, I think that what RB is asking Nico to do is exactly what the TSA says it doesn't want to do, and that's to have WBI images of specific people floating around on the internet. They want the images of regular travelers to be anonymous - honestly, I think that if Nico posted images of his family then RB would start ranting about how the TSA lies when it says that it can't save images.
RB is never happy. Hang around this blog for a while and you'll see what I mean. I'm starting to wonder why he has such a fixation on the images. Maybe he can get a xanax from the bottles up lady.

Ms. Lurker

Anonymous said...

It does not matter how well ,or how bad an agency does.Some people are not satisfied with anything anyway, including themselves.Why worry about what people say.Just get the job done so we can all go home to our families at the end of the day.

GSOLTSO said...

RB sez - "West, the question about the WBI imagery is: Are the images that are suppose to be displayed large enough for a person to understand just what it is that TSA is wanting them to do.

I think that is a fair question.

I should hope that TSA thinks that is a fair question but sadly even on this blog the images shown have never been the same size and resolution that the WBI Operator sees.

Now why would TSA hide that information from the very people they want to screen?

The logical answer is that TSA is afraid that showing actual images would have a negative impact of the magical 98% acceptance rate."

The images posted are supposed to be of a large enough size that someone can see them, and get a representation of what the image will look like. What size that is, I have no idea, our airport does not have the WBI. Bob may have the measurement requirements or some idea as to the size required, but I do not. I agree that the image and accompanying information should explain the process in basic fashion. The images here are the same resolution as the ones generated on the machines. Again, (going out on a limb here by guessing from what I have read in the press and blog releases) there are some manual adjustments that can be made to the computer screen (brightness, etc, the same adjustments on all computer monitors), and some fine tuning that can be done to the images (like most visual programs have to adjust clarity and such). The fact that many people have posted here about the image being different, I just don't see it as much as some of you do. There is a capability to rotate the image to give 360 degree view, but not something that allows the operator to "dial up" the intensity to change what the image is. The imagery posted here previously is the same image posted on the signage (at least the one place I saw it posted it was). The problem with the "same size" is difficult, there may be different sized monitors with the machines. I just don't see where there is a vast difference between the imagery posted here and the other sources.

TSA Blog Team

GSOLTSO said...

RB sez - "The complete story goes back several months ago to a post made by Blogger Nico where he stated in so many words that the WBI images were tame enough for young children to view yet when challenged to have himself and his family scanned and have those images posted on the blog he flatly refused. Since that day Blogger Bob and crew have been fighting a battle about this very subject."

This has been explained before, to post specific images of specific people would go against the privacy rules put in place to protect all people being screened by the WBI. When you submit to being screened by the WBI, the person operating it never sees "you", they see the scaled version of you that the machine produces. The images are shown on the screen until the person evaluating the image either determines that the passenger has an item concealed on them somewhere, or they do not (from what I understand it is about 10-15 seconds, I could be wrong so don't quote me direct on that). When the determination is made, the image is removed from the system and deleted COMPLETELY, never to be retrieved again, there is no saving feature, no recall image no nothing to retain the image. The person operating the WBI is in a booth completely segregated from the passengers - they can't see the passengers, the passengers cant see them. TSOs are forbidden to have any kind of recording device (auditory or video) with them in the booth.

The person standing at the WBI has a direct line of communication to the person operating in the image booth. This communication is monitored by supervisory staff (again, I am going on what people that have WBI have told me, so don't quote me direct) closely to prevent any reference to the passenger in any way other than "Clear" or an explanation of what kind of an item the person has on them and the location - period.

This is not a strip search machine, it shows an image that is scaled back, and lets the operator view things that are not supposed to be there. I am willing to go through one at any time, it does not bother me at all. The images are not pornographic in nature, they are not even vaguely erotic in any way shape or form. You can continue to refer to it how you like, but it is an exceptional tool for screening the person of travelers without having to subject them to a pat down. If you choose not to be screened via WBI, then you undergo a different form of screening (pat down or WTMD determined by whether they are co-located) and go on your way.

TSA Blog Team

P.S. This was a great hijack, can we get back to talking about the subject of the post? Like the lady that posted we took her son?

Eric said...

Let's face it: This woman's insane.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that you can come up with these so quickly, while the fine Representative from Utah can't get his.

Lame but predictable, TSA.

dtechnos said...

currently cctv has become technology that you can leave behind. many incident are caught by it

Anonymous said...

First of all, if anyone actually agrees with this lady, maybe you need one of her emergency pills!!! If you notice in the last few minutes the TSA Agent wanded her leg and Nic pulled up her pant leg and removed a knee brace!! That is why she was sent foe extra screening!! For her to say that the cause of the beeping was the pacifier, my belt has more metal than that little thing and when I go through security (at least once a month) I never have beeped when I left my belt on. This lady obviously needs more of those emergency pills, maybe throw in a welbutrin!! When did she call her mom and her husband? She must have done that while she was getting screened by the TSA Agent. That lady is full of it and she is starved for attention, call her husband and her mom and tell them to take her for some ice cream and let her play at the playground for a while because she is just a childish person. Get over it NIC!! These people (TSA) are here to protect us and they are doing a damn good job of it too!! Had they not been doing their job you people would be complaining about that too. 10 minutes is worth being able to get to your destination alive!! They put up with so many people that whine about having to follow the rules, get over it already, take your shoes off and go through the line already!!

Anonymous said...

She never admits she lied, nor does she show any sort of remorse for the trouble she caused. I would like to see her at least given a TICKET or something, anything to show up on her records to send up a red flag in case she does this again in the future. I think she will.

RB said...

If you choose not to be screened via WBI, then you undergo a different form of screening (pat down or WTMD determined by whether they are co-located) and go on your way.

TSA Blog Team
West if all of what you say is true then why won't TSA publish actual images in the size and resolution that the machine operator sees?

Don't you think that I person has the absolute right to know what is being asked of them?

If a person refuses WBI screening are you stating for the record that they may not get a pat down?

That seems to contradict earlier information.

Will TSA exempt chilren and teens from any form of WBI screening except in cases where secondary screening is required?

John said...

with all the money of legal pursuit done. many just try to make bad press to great work. the bad part is when someone has to complain it is the minority over the majority of lies. then it has to go over the is it true before having something done and often this makes all bad.

unfortunately trying to sue the state/corporation for big money even for ridiculous or false accusation and make fraud seems to be the way to get rich fast for many. more unfortunate is the fact that some win coffee too hot at McDonalds is an example of this wrong placement of justice

Anonymous said...

it is funny how people keep complaining that it took to long to screen this woman. well as a T.S.O. the only reason that it took longer than normal (3 to 4 minutes). Is because she had something on her leg that had to be ran threw the x-ray. also people complain that when she first sits down the tso is probably berating her. that is false. we are required to say specific things, and part of that is that at any time this person can request a private screening. also when a supervisor has to be called that will usually make the process a lot longer. it's people like her that make out job so much harder. most of us try to do our best to make it as easy as possible for people to get to their planes. it is not our fault if you don't make it to the airport early enough to give yourself time to get your ticket, and make it through security with enough time to not have to rush to the plane.

Anonymous said...

I recently went on a trip with my son and, if done properly, it should not take more than a few minutes to get through security. I like how she said she knew it was her sons pacifier when she alarmed the metal detector. If you knew then why didn't you send it through the x-ray to begin with? I like how you had all that baggage. If you're going to fly with a kid by yourself then maybe you should check your house in at the ticketing counter instead of being cheap and taking it with you in your carry on luggage. Also, security would have had a hell of a time trying to take my son from me but they easily took him away from you though right? I knew this was another bogus claim against TSA. "They took my son! They took my son!" what a joke. Everyone likes complaining about what TSA does but does anyone remember what the hell happened before they got here?

Anonymous said...

I think Nic should be ashamed of herself. She LIED plain and simple and now that TSA posted a video she is eating her words. If she felt like she had such a "traumatic experience" then she should have just left it at that. Why try and make worse than it was? No matter what TSA does they will always be the bad guys. Its all fun and games until something happens, then they didn't do enough. If flying has become such a pain then maybe people should invest in a greyhound ticket... Problem solved! Props to Nic, she has quite the imagination... She should become a FICTIONAL writer. Hey, maybe even write for those cheap tabloids they sell in grocery stores.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many people are upset about the plastic box. It's not an instrument of torture, it's there to keep a possible threat contained (and might also be the same structure used to puff the air on you).

And harping that her belongings weren't secure? They were at SECURITY. Surrounded by SECURITY guards. Sounds pretty secure to me. They were only a few feet away from her, it's not like they took her to a different part of the airport.

And it's not an illegal search when you voluntarily walk through a security checkpoint. Inconvenient, sure, but let's not be dramatic.

And for those of you who think that 8 minutes is a long time? I've waited in line for coffee longer. Yes, with heavy packages. I feel like 8 minutes is a small price to pay for knowing that people with metal items are not on the plane with me and my baby. Come on, people. Let's all grow up.

Anonymous said...

I am an American citizen, was traveling with my pregnant wife on November 14th, aproximatly at 2pm at JFK airport, Delta Int. terminal. My wife and I went trough your check point (I think) across gate 14. When we came up to the screening machine, I notified your officer, that my wife was pregnant(7 months), and if it was possible for some body to check her boots without her taking them off(to put them on she has to lie down with her legs up, to let the sweling go down). Your oficer, I could say threw a chare and told me that I can help her put them on. When saing that he used a street slang addressing me, when I called the superwiser, he came up agressivly to me and talled me if I dont like something, I can go some place els. When all of this was going on, their were other travelers on line expresing their dislike at the atitude of the officers, and some of those travelers were from other countries. Some last impression. To continiue, my wife took her boots off and had to walk barefoot on the cold floor to the area where she was personaly cheked. When I asked the superwiser to let her have the boots after exray, again I received a verry agressive "NO". She had to wait for our things to go trough exray machine one moore time, and then they took our belongings for a personal check where male oficers were cheking her personal(female) things, and all this time she is bare footed on the cold floor. I asked the superwiser for his name and bage number and the contact tel. number, he covered his bage and talled me that in this case he will have to write up a report and it will take some time, so I may miss my flight, and further moore, if I dont stop causing trouble for him, I may get arested.
I travel a lot, and have been in other contries airports, and they have carpeted areas for security check points and they provide disposable socks for the travelers. I am very disapointed and ashamed for the goverment workers, that suposed to be helping people and be the face of the nation.
To finish this letter, I just want say that when we got through the check point, I had to take the boots off my wife, because her feet swollen and I had to carry her on to the plane. At the destination she got a bad cold and had to be hospitalised.
I understand that the law has to be obeyed, but not missused.

Anonymous said...

Thanks TSA! Your blog and your transparency in releasing video here and with the previous incident is awesome. There are legitimate problems with the TSA, but it is good to see the TSA calling out those who spread lies.

Au Pair said...

I am extremely impressed that you would take the time to post something like this. Most Gov agencies will just blow over it and not ignore it. I don't know if it is your PR advisor or your personal choice, but you are making the right move. I hope this will be a continued practice.

Anonymous said...

I read her blog entry. That woman obviously has severe emotional issues. No need to even watch the video. We have all ran into someone like that at one time or another. Scary.

GSOLTSO said...

Rb sez - "West if all of what you say is true then why won't TSA publish actual images in the size and resolution that the machine operator sees?

Don't you think that I person has the absolute right to know what is being asked of them?

If a person refuses WBI screening are you stating for the record that they may not get a pat down?

That seems to contradict earlier information.

Will TSA exempt chilren and teens from any form of WBI screening except in cases where secondary screening is required?"

I am unable to comment on the procedure past what I have read here as my airport does not have WBI. From what I read, if you refuse the WBI, then you get the pat down.

As far as exemptions, I have nothing on that other than the people that choose to use the WBI, use the WBI and go from there. The ones that choose NOT to use the WBI ge tthe pat down and go from there regardless of age.

Again, one problem with the posting it at the same size and resolution is the varying monitor sizes. As for why they do not post at the same size and rez, I do not know - that is above my paygrade. hese sheets were put together by HQ and I have no insight into their decisions and no notes on how they reached this conclusion. It could have something to do with space available to post, or some other reason for the way they do it, I just simply don't know.

TSA Blog Team

Mike said...

The video appears to be edited and this is what the passenger claims as well.

Jay said...

Oh wow. This lady must have really ticked off that well trained and efficient officer!

If the lady lied, she lied.

Shame on her. But... she is not sworn to do or uphold anything.

She was clearly and deliberately subjected to an attitude adjustment procedure at the discretion of that fine officer.

Too bad about the good old USA. That whole public servant, dignity, accountable to the people thing was worth a try anyway. But face it, when very small people can cast such a long shadow the sun is soon to set.

A shame really, the world could really use some of that liberty and justice for all stuff right now.

But then... it is against the law to recite that in school in the USA now is it not?

You will be missed.
idelhands at gmail

A Real Security Expert said...

I just read this post and it's disappointing that someone would make up a story as she did, but I'm more disappointed how well it highlights the fake security processes at the airport. After the kid is patted down, the woman, who has not been patted down, puts the kid in her stroller. She takes quite a bit of time doing it, more than 20 seconds, and her back is to the TSA agent. A real terrorist would have had ample time to stash her gun under the kid at this time.

In addition, it shows how little TSA cares about our dignity. They saw fit to obscure the patdown of the woman on the video, but it was in full view of everybody walking by at the time. If the patdown deserves privacy (and I think it does), it deserves it at the airport.

Anonymous said...

Its always good to see US Citizens locked in a 3'x5' cage, with windows for their fellow citizens to observe them for the criminals they are. And then to be ordered about, "sit here", "be quiet", "wait", "do as you are told". Well done Bob. You really showed how great a job the TSA does at upholding the freedom of US Citizens by protecting them from people who would take away their rights.

Obviously dangerous bob said...

Hmm.I've been trying to get the CCTV of my denied boarding for three months now.Help,TSA took my baby!Couldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Ummm first of all for the people saying that the process took too don't know how busy that terminal was at that moment and only a FEMALE can pat down another maybe there weren't any available females bcuz oh I don't know they were working?...Secondly, the HOLDING CORRAL is so the cleared individuals who didn't alarm the walk through don't mix with the people who it's trying to control the situation so you know exactly WHO alarmed bcuz you don't know what they could POSSIBLY be concealing...which is the point of it! I hate when people talk crap about TSA but they don't know what we're looking for or what protocal is...we have smug looks on our faces bcuz we get tired of being yelled at or disrespected bcuz people think they're above security or mad bcuz they're late for their flight!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Mike Foster, your comment over all of them was the most correct. and I appreciate your opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think she intended to make trouble when she left home. Why would she leave metal on her ankle (or in her sock) and carry an "emergency" Xanax if she didn't already have a problem.

All you conspiracy folks should know TSA would not put a doctored or false taping. If they did, why didn't she challenge it.
A hand wand takes us about 10 min by the time we are re-shod, rebelted enough to move on.
She is the one who would not pass back through the scanner, like a normal person, thus I think she was looking for trouble.

I you don't know that you can't believe what a self proclaimed liberal journalist writes, you are in trouble.

what? said...

first off the holding box is so that there is no transfer of any prohibited items. Just because she has an baby does mont mean that she is an terrorist. Taking her child away from her is strictly prohibited. iam just so happy that this lie got shut down because people like her lie on tsa all the time.

seo said...

Well done for being transparent and posting this video it clearly shows her lies.

Anonymous said...

I think your comment about TSA posting the video for "transparency" was crap. TSA just wanted to have video of the one time someone exaggerated about how abusive and invasive the search procedure is. They sure don't provide video for the thousands of inappropriate encounters that occur. She may have exaggerated, but I'm sure she was traumatized. I'm disgusted that we think it is okay to treat American's like this. TSA makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Well, first of all, this video is heavily edited. Anything could have happened between the cuts.

Second of all, the entire wanding and pat-down is blurred. I highly doubt this is for her privacy. It interests me that you feel you must blur out something as if you are ashamed. So much for an open and transparent government. Welcome, big brother. When's our two minutes of hate scheduled for?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice the fact when she is placing her items on the belt, she leaves her child ON THE FLOOR and not in any sight....and only runs back to the child when another woman approaches the child

Anonymous said...

She said she kept Xanax in her pocket. She is crazy.

Anonymous said...

This is not the same woman. Fabrication is well in place.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say whether or not this might be true, but quite frankly, I've heard enough horror stories about the TSA since its inception that I'm rather reluctant to even consider flying ever again. If you threw me to the floor, groped me in public, or took my child, you'd be facing a lawsuit, plain and simple. Oh, that's right, the TSA is already facing several. Anyway, I came to drop this link with Nic's response, just to be fair about it all because I see discrepancies in that video too.

Nic's response

Hopefully, that works. And I'll know how fair you're being if I actually see this comment posted.

Anonymous said...

Is your process so illegal that you have to BLUR the video when she's searched?

The fact that you blurred it shows how completely violated people are when they're getting patted down.

Anonymous said...

I see an American Citizen who, in no way whatsoever fits any likely profile for a terrorist, treated like a criminal. I also see her left in a plastic box while a "agent" just stands there looking at her with that good ole Federal Unionized Employee stare that says, "I don't care"! And then comes the old feel up while her child has to sit by the side and watch her mother be searched like a prisoner entering a prison. Come on TSA, your fellow citizenry is not the enemy!

cancerx said...

How can we be sure this is a video of the same woman at the airport. How can we be sure it wasn't edited...Goverment agencies never lie or use propaganda....

Anonymous said...

Why is this just now showing up like it happened yesterday? WTF?
This happened last year?!

Anonymous said...

while it may look like the man that checked the child with a quik pat down. it didnt look like he used a wand on the child so there may be a missing piece to the Tsa (edited ) version , i have been through this many time.they wand you , then pat you down. i have a hip replacement and i had a tsa agent ask if i would like to remove it from my leg.

Anonymous said...

What's with the dates (October 2009) on this blog and the video?

Anonymous said...

Yes, now I see that this is from last year ... it's being passed around again as if it's current. Nothing dies on the internets.

Vitamins said...

Liar or not they must still undergone due process.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to know what the heck took so long to screen the mother. Why did they go over and over her....yeah I feel a lot safer. The main point is "I don't want some hourly worker you dragged off the street touching me" This is outrageous. And don't tell me to just not fly that's crap. If I have to pay for every deadbeat's health care then I should be entitled to keep my right to not be subject to an invasive search or scan when I want to travel.

Anonymous said...

First, I see the mother put her child on the floor to place the stroller on the conveyor belt, the mother TURNS HER BACK on the child for more than enough time that someone could snatch the child.

Second, she was worried about missing her flight? She should have arrived sooner.

Anonymous said...

The TSA should teach their personnel about compassion, especially after being in customs for an hour worried if your connecting flight is leaving then to have your agent singling me out because I'm panicking. I have eight witnesses that saw this agent ignore to view my passport and boarding pass because she said "I wont look at your ID until you calm down" the problem I have with this abuse of power is that I was calm.
I am telling every person I know to NOT fly because of this incidence. I cant help but think, she was abusing her power on so many levels-shame, shame, shame

Anonymous said...

2 minutes in a glass box, a 10 minute delay in total.

I'd rather this happened hundreds of times over that a lunatic with a weapon be allowed to board a plane.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this video vindicates anyone, but even if it did, why is it that the TSA only releases video of times they think it will help them? Otherwise we need to hope someone captures it on a phone camera or something. If you'll release this video, release any video that involves a controversy.
Gee, wonder why they don't do that?...

Complete Tattoo Kits said...

So much of the public's hysteria has been caused by the sensationalistic media - I recently went through TSA check points to and from LA and had no problems what so ever

Rickey Bradley said...

It's really a shame how our government has went totally overboard with this heightened security crap when our fear is within ourselves. Our fears isn't foreign its within ourselves and within our own country, state, city, town.

Anonymous said...

I know it's three years too late, but the people here defending this woman are just ridiculous.

A woman goes to a store, and then accuses the cashier of stealing her credit cards. There's uproar. Video is posted showing that there was no theft at all. She says "Well, she was rude to me!"

Who cares if it took 8 minutes go get through security? She lied and lied and lied!

jogos said...

How do we know that the video was not doctored by TSA? Editing out the child being taken away could easily be done by someone. Do not assume that the video is not altered. And even if the child was not take away (which I doubt she made up), the amount of time spent checking the Mom was ridiculous. Have you ever checked in in Tel Aviv? They don't spend that much time with a Mom in the riskiest airport in the world.

I don't know how she could verify her story without some support from a highly respected consumer advocates group. But I trust her more than I trust the Federal Government

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