Monday, August 17, 2009

Imaging Technology: The Bigger Picture

Millimeter Wave (Click Photo)

Backscatter (Click Photo)

Many have asked to see a bigger picture than what we had on our web page. So, we're not only showing you the bigger pictures here on the blog, we also updated them on the web page as well. They are male/femalefront/backMillimeter Wave/Backscatter.

To read more about Imaging Technology, check out these blog posts from our archives:

-The First Significant Deployment of Aviation Security Technology

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Anonymous said...

It is apparent from a large number of these comments that a lesson in civics and the U.S. Constitution is in order! No where in the Preamble, the 7 Articles or 27 Amendments is the "Right to Drive" or the "Right to Fly"! Get a grip people, you have NO rights here! Unless you OWN the plane and have a valid pilots license along with a current medical certificate, air travel is a Privilege...NOT a Right! Ditto for driving a car... sheesh, what has happened to the common sense of our nation!!!

Anonymous said...

I wont fly either. 95 % of the people being scanned for 5% of the idiots out there. It's wrong and the beginning of bad things. I fear more for the okey-doke mentalitys out there that just says "yup everything the government does is alright with me yuk yuk". This is wrong!

Anonymous said...

Just a few points

1) Everything that the TSA has ever done is reactionary to an event that has already occured and is, in all probability, ineffective at preventing the next attack.

2) The security chokepoints created by the TSA are the most likely point for a future terrorist attack on air passengers. The density of stationary people in a confined space at TSA chokepoints is an easy target. When it happens, remember the TSA is responsible for creating the situation.

3) Is all this new security going to prevent planes from crashing due to mechanical failure or pilot error? The risk of death or injury from a terrorist attack on a commercial airliner is infinitesimal. Might the money squandered on these machines have better served the public if it were used on aircraft maintenance or ATC and pilot training?

4) All images ever shown by the TSA as examples of actual images generated by these machines are downsampled and obfuscated to allay the rightfull outrage of the American public. In fact, a TSA worker who walked through a wave millimeter scanner during training was later humiliated with small penis jokes after his coworkers were permitted to see his naked image generated by the AIT. This employee later snapped and assaulted a coworker.

5) Despite TSA claims to the contrary images of passengers generated by AIT will be stored and disseminated.

6) The new technology employed by the TSA is a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights which specifically states that searches must be judicially supported AND be supported by probable cause.

7) TSA employees who perform wave millimeter scans or grope passengers are knowingly and willfully violating our fourth amendment rights and are nothing more than goverment sanctioned criminals.

If you accept this intrusion now as the "price of safety" to fly, you are a fool. If the American public accepts this now you will see this intrusion pop up in more and more places.

The simple fact is that the government has used "terrorism" as a guise to dismantle our civil liberties. Much like your parents or older siblings attempted to coerce behaviour during your childhood with the specter of the "boogeyman".

We have more to fear from the TSA than we do from terrorists.

It was stated best in the historical review of the constitution (1750's):

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Anonymous said...

The argument that an image generated by AIT is no more pornographic then a biology textbook is rediculously obtuse.

We as air passengers did not grant permission to a textbook publisher to photograph and publish our naked bodies.

Alot of wrong has been done historically by goverment or religious mandate.

TSA employees participating in this new screening are willfully and knowingly violating our 4th amendment rights and are criminals. Any argument made by a TSA rep otherwise only reinforces their low morality. The TSA is willfully oppressing our rights in what can only be described as security theater.

The chance of injury or death due to a terrorist on board a commercial airline approaches nil. You are exponentially more likely to die from mechanical failure or pilot error.

You are exponentially more likely to die from a terrorist attack at the security chokepoint created by the TSA in the airport.

Anonymous said...

The full body pictures and aggressive patdowns are totally inappropriate and my family has decided to curb air travel. We spend over $10,000 traveling a year on American Airlines due to the distance from family, so a different industry will be the recipient of our vacation funds. The passenger airline industry will suffer and then the airlines will complain, which will induce additional methods of screening for bad guys. This will take time.
The people who are truly intent on getting past security will test the system and beat it. TSA is merely a visual deterrent utilized to psychologically cause a higher level of stress on terrorists at the checkpoints, but they are not much of an actual filter.
I would like to thank the bleeding heart liberals in our country who refuse to allow profiling in an effort to protect our privacy. It has worked, the bad guys have just as many rights as the rest of American. Profiling works and is not as invasive as a naked picture or groping by TSA. So thank you for screwing the rest of us and making us all suspects.

Homeland Defense will have to keep seeking other methods of protecting us after we Americans keep tying their hands with privacy issues and regulations.
I'm sure the folks at TSA are not looking forward to the aggressive patdowns either except for those few perps who make it through the TSA background checks. The only people happy about the patdowns are the weirdos who want the patdown with a happy ending. The TSA folks get paid crap and 99% of them are just trying to do their job so they can pay the bills.
Take this out on your politicians, TSA/Homeland Defense administrators, and the rest of the politicians you missed the first time.
The only winners are the bad guys, who have stripped us of our rights of freedom.

Sean said...

Scanners are one thing... fine. However, if you refuse the scanner, you have to go through a genital pat-down. WHAT?! Wasn't the "underwear bomber" on a no-fly list to begin with? If the TSA had done their job the first time around and not let him through we wouldn't have to deal with these stupid pat-downs, fully body scanner or not. Instead of worrying about what might be padding in a person's underwear why don't you just not let people through that are on the no-fly list to begin with? I can't imagine what a woman wearing a padded push-up bra will have to go through just to fly... it's insanity!

Anonymous said...

I question whether these are the actual images as they appear at the remote viewing location. My guess is that the public will never know what the real quality, resolution, and clarity of the images really are. And like all technologies, the images will only get better as time passes and this technology improves. The real issue though is not how revealing the images are.. its that no one, including the TSA, should be taking nude pictures of the public for any reason at any resolution, no exceptions!

Anonymous said...

Your description of legitimate criticisms of potential health impacts as "myths" is disingenuous at best. Before being deployed widely, the effects of backscatter x-rays should have been tested by independent researchers. Just saying the FDA (understaffed and outgunned) says its OK doesn't cut it. Particularly for frequent flyers and airline staff, you have published nothing that shows that frequent exposure does not at least represent an unknown skin cancer risk. You need to show that the trade-off of increased? security outways potential melanoma cases.

Anonymous said...

One step closer to being herded into a pen.

Don't you love change?

Anonymous said...

For every person out there who states they are going to boycott air travel, there are 100 or even 1000 that are just fine with it..

Get over yourself, it's not pornography, it's not unfair, it's security..

Do you people get offended when you go to a concert and have to be patted down??

littlebear said...

I still don't like the thought of someone peering over my private parts. What the hell happened to the 21st century.

FFMom said...

This is a "type" of strip search, yes? The traveling public needs a lawyer to represent their interests here especially concerning minors. What is/was the precedent regarding strip searches and when were they necessary? How was this allowed to change? The efficacy of this is up for question as well. The machine did not detect a razor blade I'm understanding. That's enough reason to go back to the previous standard. Come up with a better plan, please?

Anonymous said...

I would like to have the person in charge of TSA to have them and their family be scanned by a person that has some experience on the scanners where to get as much detail as possible. Then without the faces being blurred post them on the Internet and see if they feel the same way as they do now.

Anonymous said...

Being #12 or #15 in line is NOT justifiable as "PROBABLE CAUSE".

Why does the FAA not require flight crew to comply with TSA and FORCED x-rays?

Find me a doctor who can prove excess exposure to radiation is healthy, THEN we can talk about screening machines.

There is a reason the TSA only checks airplane passengers and luggage but NOT Amtrak, Greyhound and ocean liners... It's called protecting Corporate property, NOT passengers.

If the TSA was concerned about protecting the "PASSENGERS" why not protect the entire airport? You know, luggage claims, ticket counters, oh and the que for security. Remember Russia and their little security incident?

Anonymous said...

The use of metal detectors has been very effective for finding guns, knives and other assorted weapons. Bomb Sniffing Dogs can be trained to alert investigators of plastic, liquids, chemical or biological agents used in dangerous weapons or other explosives. A well trained dog can detect most of these security risks from up to 50 feet away of boarding passengers. It cost approximatlely $8,500 for a well trained dog. Compare that to the cost of $150,000 for just one of these imaging machines. Plus the added cost for these machines to be manned by trained security officers. There is no need to endanger the public safety with exposure to radiation. There is no need for unnecessary molestation, groping, rape or pornographic picture taking!... We can have the security to safely travel within the U.S. and abroad without these practices. The wrong people are getting wealthy at the expense of the average tax paying citizen. The uninformed public is at risk of loosing individual freedoms in exchange for these ideas that have been implemented to promote security.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure this isn't a violation of privacy as much as it is a violation of DIGNITY!!!

Anonymous said...

Guys, in terms of actual privacy, there's no way you could be identified from these pictures, so the issue can only be either with the breaching of some abstract concept of 'privacy', or with the idea of being seen naked.
Seriously? Is everyone posting here so ugly that they are scared by the idea of someone they'll never see again seeing a low quality black and white image of their pseudo-naked body for 5-10 seconds?
Grow up everyone, and stop being so afraid of nudity - or don't, and you might become immature enough to catch cooties from your 9 year old kids.

Anonymous said...

OMG, they're lazy!. profiling will eliminate this stupid pat down and scanner.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when you could see the image yourself, I went through one of these machines at Denver, not knowing what it was. There was no line. I was appalled at what I saw, that anyone could so violate my privacy.

Since I have a hip replacement, I have no choice but to get patted down every time I fly. Instead, I have chosen to drive thousands of miles, or taken the train, rather than be put through that. Now I have injured my back and cannot sit for long periods, so that is out. I was supposed to fly in a week. I am furious at what is a complete violation of our rights, ineffective, and unnecessary.

It is inappropriate for you TSA people to be making fun of our concerns, and shameful that you post misleading, inaccurate information. You dishonor our country. Nope, can't do it. Shame on our government, putting the manufacturers profits ahead of anything else.

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