Friday, July 24, 2009

TSA Blog Podcast Interview With Airplane Geeks

I joined Max Flight, Dan and Rob from Airplane Geeks for a podcast interview about the TSA Blog.

Also, spread around the podcast like mustard on a fine bologna sandwich, you’ll find another interview, good music, and some aviation related news.

By all means, listen to the entire entertaining podcast, but my interview starts at 34:25 and 1:21:10 where I am quite deservedly blown up.

Listen to Episode 57 of the Airplane Geeks Podcast by clicking here.

Blogger Bob

TSA Blog Team


Dunstan said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey lets give TSA a break. we do a job, they do theirs. I check ahead to see what I need to do before the flight, do you? No excuse for not doing it, so if you do not check, its only your fault, not TSA for the prohibited items you decide to bring or forgot to check you bags for. I'd rather have some inconvience and be safe. Just watch some of the people TSA employees have to deal with and you exspect a smile with it? I have, and feel sorry for them. No I am not a TSA worker. I feel people complain too much especially when they can prevent alot of the situations. Next time if you have to leave a item, don't blame them, just look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob -- great interview. Please come back to that podcast and keep us apprised of developments at TSA. Keep up the good work!