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UPDATE 6-13-2012: We upgraded to the new Blogger template and since it has an archive feature, (on the side bar) we will no longer need to update this page.  

The archive index on our page isn't the most user friendly, so I've added all of the posts here (sorted newest to oldest) and will continue to update the list as new posts go live. I'll also add an "Blog Post Archives" hyperlink to the side bar. ~ Blogger Bob
4/20/2012 TSA Week in Review: Man Brings Pistol Through Checkpoint. Again! 
4/17/2012 New Technology Will Check Travel Documents 
4/13/2012 TSA Week in Review: Knife Zip-Tied to Handle of Bag 
4/13/2012 The Scoop on TSA Pre✓™ 
4/10/2012 Why do Laptops Have to be Removed When Tablets can Stay in the Bag? 
4/6/2012 TSA Week in Review: Hidden Compartments Found in Everyday Items
3/30/2012 TSA Week in Review: Gun Concealed in Hollowed Out Book 
3/30/2012 Spring Forward! - Spring Break Travel Tips
3/26/2012 4 Loaded Guns, 192 Rounds of Ammo, and 3 Knives (Not in a Pear Tree) 
3/23/2012 TSA Week in Review: Debrainer Discovered at BWI 
3/23/2012 TSA Taking Nail Clippers from Soldiers? - Nail Clipper Myth Buster 
3/20/2012 TSA Pre✓™ Continues Expansion and Gives Access to Active Duty Military Member 
3/19/2012 Video of Child Being Screened in Wheelchair 
3/16/2012 TSA Week in Review: Thousands of Ecstasy Pills Concealed in Passenger’s Undergarment 
3/14/2012 TSA Says Yes to the Dres
3/9/2012 TSA Week in Review: Eels on a Plane? 
3/8/2012 Clarification on Ice Packs and Empty Bottles   
3/7/2012 Viral Video About Body Scanners 
3/6/2012 Federal Air Marshal Service Celebrates 50 Years! 
3/2/2012 TSA Week in Review: 60mm Mortar Round and Other Interesting Finds
2/24/2012 TSA Week in Review: Artillery Projectile Fuse?
2/23/2012  It’s Always one Thing or an Otter: Baby Otters Screened at Newark
2/17/2012 TSA Week in Review: Spear Gun!
2/15/2012 TSA Officers Focus on Security, not Good Looks
2/10/2012 The Importance of Getting to the Gate Early  
2/10/2012 TSA Week in Review: Fantasy Knives and More Cannonballs  
2/8/2012 TSA Pre✓™ Pilot to Expand to 28 of the Busiest US Airports 
2/3/2102 TSA Week in Review: Coral Covered Explosively Viable Cannonball 
2/2/2012  Travel Tips for Fans Traveling to Super Bowl XLVI 
1/9/2012 Cupcakegate 
12/30/2011 TSA Week In Review: Non Metallic Martial Arts Weapon Found with Body Scanner
12/25/2011 Happy Holidays From TSA
12/23/2011 TSA Week In Review: Holy Flare Guns, Batman!
12/22/2011 TSA Cares Helpline Starting Today
12/21/2011 Not Even Ninjas Can Evade Airport Security
12/20/2011 TSA Holiday Travel Tips Rehash 
12/17/2011 TSA Week In Review: Flash! Bang!
12/15/2011 Response Posted to White House We the People Petition
12/14/2011 TSA Pre✓™ Rolling Out In Vegas Today
12/13/2011 Loaded .380 Found Strapped To Passenger’s Ankle at DFW With Body Scanner
12/11/2011 Clarification on Screening of Three Senior Citizens at JFK 
12/9/2011 TSA Week In Review: 5 Grenades “Grenading” 
12/4/2011 Screening of Elderly Passenger at JFK
12/2/2011 TSA Week in Review: Smooth Travel This Holiday Season – Plus Machetes Too!
12/1/2011 There’s An App For That? Stun Gun Designed As Smart Phone At LAX
11/19/2011 Happy 10th Birthday TSA 
11/15/2011 Just Business as Usual… Reality TV Star Tweets About Security 
11/15/2011 Good Gravy, Let’s Talk Turkey!: TSA Holiday Travel Tips
11/14/2011 Wrapped Presents Are OK, But We Might Have To Open Them For Anomalies Or Alarms 
11/11/2011 Veteran's Day: Thank You To All Who Have Served Or Are Serving 
11/11/2011 TSA Week In Review: Sword canes, razor blade chewing gum, and a splash of EVOO 
11/9/2011 TSA Pre✓™ Pilot Expanding To Three More Airports
11/8/2011  In Case You Were Wondering, Our Backscatter Imaging Technology Is Still Safe
11/4/2011 TSA Week In Review: Do Not Let Your Grandson Pack Your Bags
11/01/2011 TSA Checkpoints This Halloween: Trick Or Treat?
10/28/2011  TSA Week In Review: Loaded Guns & A Knife In A Nut Can
10/26/2011 Inappropriate Note Author Identified and Removed From Screening
10/25/2011 Myth Buster: TSA Not Setting Up Checkpoints On Tennessee Highways
10/21/2011 TSA Week In Review: Loaded Guns & Landmines
10/18/2011 How To Sign Up To Participate in TSA Pre✓™
10/14/2011 Week in Review: Lipstick Knife & Lost and Found - And a few other tidbits...
10/12/2011 TSA In The Tabloids
10/7/2011 Week In Review: Loaded Guns and a Good Samaritan
10/6/2011 CAT/BPSS - Automatic ID/Boarding Pass Checker
10/4/2011 TSA Pre✓™ – The Next Step In Our Risk-Based Approach To Further Enhance Airport Security
10/3/2011 Cancer Patient Screening At JFK: Treating Passengers with Dignity and Respect
9/28/2011 Sometimes The Airport Is Similar To A Gun And Knife Show 
9/15/2011 LAX TSA Officers Go Fishing?  
9/14/2011 Risk Based Security For Passengers 12 and Under 
9/13/2011 No Scams Here, Just a Technical Foul 
9/11/2011 Moment of Silence for Those Lost on United Airlines Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pa 
9/11/2011 Moment of Silence for Those Lost on American Airlines Flight 77 and at the Pentagon 
9/11/2011 Moment of Silence for Those Lost on United Airlines Flight 175 and at the World Trade Center 
9/11/2001 Moment of Silence for Those Lost on American Airlines Flight 11 and at the World Trade Center 
9/6/2011  Good Catch! Sword Canes to Reptiles... 
9/1/2011 Tenth Anniversary Report Card on 9/11 Commission Recommendations 
9/1/2011 TSA To Provide Several Artifacts to the Smithsonian National September 11 Collection
8/27/2010 Enhanced Pat Downs
7/26/2010 TSA Goes Mobile
12/24/2009 Happy Holidays 2009
9/11/2009 Remembering 9-11
5/15/2009 What's in a Name?
4/27/2009 Dishing the Dirt
3/20/2009 Gate Screening
3/10/2009 Smooth...
1/6/2009 Formalde-hype
12/22/2008 TSA on 60 Minutes
12/16/2008 Artful Concealment?
11/26/2008 Easy as Pie
11/19/2008 Why?
10/8/2008 Zero Tolerance
10/1/2008 Pilots for Pilots
9/11/2008 Seven Years Later
8/1/2008 "Got Feedback?"
7/2/2008 ID Q&A
5/2/2008 TSO Gun Incident
3/28/2008 TSA and Piercings
3/24/2008 Layers of Security
2/25/2008 Zip Lane
1/31/2008 Shoes
1/30/2008 Welcome

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Thanks, the list will be helpful when looking for an older topic.

Earl Pitts said...

Can we pick a color to highlight the puppy posts?

I'd vote for yellow, but those wouldn't be easy to see. :D How about red?


Trollkiller said...

Holy smokes that is a lot of posts. Thanks

RB said...

Bob, the link to general comments is gone. Was it deleted on purpose?

Anonymous said...

RB said...

"Bob, the link to general comments is gone. Was it deleted on purpose?

RB seems to see conspiracies in everything.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RB said...

"Bob, the link to general comments is gone. Was it deleted on purpose?"

Anonymous derided:

"RB seems to see conspiracies in everything."

Or perhaps RB was just pointing out a missing link? "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

RB said...

Anon said...RB seems to see conspiracies in everything.

July 25, 2009 2:20 PM

Anon, I asked the Blog Team a straight forward question about a missing link.

How you can even imagine a conspiracy in such really tells us all what level your playing on.

ugg boots said...

thanks,it is important for me!

A said...

TSA inspection damaged my shoes!

At the TSA inspection at Raleigh Durham International airport, prior to my flight to St. Louis, on NOV 5, 2009, 03:45 PM, Flight 5297, I picked up my shoes out of the tray in which I had placed them minutes before. When I picked them up to put them back on my feet, I realized that they were in pieces! Wearing them was impossible! I asked several TSA officers what happened to my shoes, but none could explain. I had to continue my voyage while wearing socks without shoes! Nobody working at the airport offered an explanation for what had happened to my good pair of shoes or offered me a claim form. Only after landing in St. Louis, and collecting my checked suitcase, was I able to get out my sneakers and put them on my feet. When I wrote a letter to the makers of my shoes (Clarks, UK), the company responded that my shoes must have gone through hydrolysis, a degradation over time. But I want to know what are the odds that both shoes degraded at the exact same moment in a TSA inspection prior to my flight? A new pair of the same kind of shoes costs over $150. Please tell me what you think happened to my shoes at the airport? Also, please warn other travelers to be ready for such episodes.

p.s. I got photos of the damaged shoes and could upload them to your blog if you tell me how.

deepman said...

Thanks, the list very usefull to find article...

Anonymous said...

Put those pound dogs to work!

Instead of spending millions of dollars to intrude on privacy with the full body scanners that can't detect powdered bombs sewn into underwear, let's train those thousands of unwanted dogs at the animal shelters and put them to work at airports to sniff out bombs and contraband.

A low tech, low cost alternative that should work. For the price of food and a treat, you have one superb bomb detector!

Maria Zarabia said...

Great there's a list of the your post. But i think you should change the font size of these. Too small for me. Thanks!

Les said...

there seem to be some missing links. i had a google search but it doesn't show up.

Monte said...

When I calmly opted out of a TSA backscatter screening, the clearly angered TSA agent shouted "OPT OUT" in a way that seemed designed to attract the attention of my fellow fliers as much as anything else.

Are security procedures implemented in a manner designed to make a public spectacle of citizens who choose to exercise their constitutional rights?

See, for example:
Co-host Meg Mclain handcuffed in public place to chair, surrounded by 12 police officers and 5 TSA agents:

Tom said...

Thanks for the archive! Or maybe it makes sense to make a classification on the topics?

Ayn R. Key said...

9/22/09 to 12/1/9 the links are bad. You have mashed two links together in all those.