Thursday, April 3, 2008

Checkpoint Evolution: Passenger Engagement

Passenger engagement… What is it? Is it the new romantic comedy about two passengers who meet at an airport and decide to get married? Not quite.

Passenger engagement is all about the way we are moving to an entirely different environment at our checkpoints. Checkpoints are noisy, confusing places that often leave passengers feeling as if they just ran through a gauntlet.

While we are adopting process and technology upgrades, we are also enhancing the training of our officers to include a heavy focus on better communication at the checkpoint between officers and passengers.

We’d like to change the environment for two reasons. First off, passengers deserve to travel through our checkpoints without feeling stressed. We all have enough stress in our day to day lives don’t we?

Secondly, the more relaxed passengers are, the easier it will be for our Behavior Detection Officers to pick out folks who are displaying signs of fear and deception.

In a relaxed environment, someone with ill intent will stick out like a man in a plaid suit at the Oscars.


TSA EoS Blog Team